Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thimbleberry Saga Continues...

Well the BOM is coming along, over 1/2 way now...

 The May block is done & the center needs to be embroidered for the other May block. I did all the piecing for the border so it should go together quickly.

 This is the June block, I really like it & hope to be outside with just those tools too! Again the other block needs to be embroidered & put together.

 July is complete...other than the other center block needs to be embroidered. I really thought that I did a lot of embroidery on this project, I thought wrong. I was glad to see that the instructions called these flowers 'sunflowers' because I was not sure what they were!


I needed a little distraction & started looking at some UFO projects. This was a cross stitch that I picked up at the Value Village last year. It's going to be a pillow for my son Mitchell, I'm missing him & Diesel. This will be the front of the pillow...the back will have the appliqued words - CALL YOUR MOM. I saw it done for Marilyn Denis's son, who also lives in Calgary.  I could make that was my first response & then I remembered wanting to make him this wolf pillow, this way I'm killing two birds with one stone.


Today I finished a UFO that's been on the back burner for several years. Back in 2004 I brought back a sweet piece of Laura Ashley fabric with the intention of making a cushion for the vintage highchair.
With playing with the initial last week, I thought that it would also personalize this highchair. It's all underlined with a puffy polyester on the back & the foam on the seat cushion. All this has been on my sewing table for years! I just move it around when I need the space. These UFO's are going to get done, one at a time...

I love the Laura Ashley fabric line & the children's line is just adorable.


  1. Those BOM are just so beautiful and the colors are so pretty. I love the embroidered centres and your points are so precise. So much work but so totally worth while. Your monogram pillows are wonderful too.

    How lucky to have found that wolf cross stitch that is almost done. It will make a fine pillow.

    It feels so rewarding to finish some UFOs.

    1. Cynthia, I hope you receive this message
      The ladies from Richibucto hooking group are coming for lunch on May 23.. We hope you can make it also.... marg