Friday, May 10, 2013

Creative Headboard Covering

I needed to put a headboard covering on my new lacquered brass bed. My husband Bill has the habit of touching it at night & I didn't want the lacquer to be damaged by the oils on his hands.  So I used the tablecloth from the April Cornell 2000 set & had Liz quilt it for me.
The backing was of the Canadian Maple Leaf plaid from our 1967 Centennial year celebration plaid, it also matched the blackout drapes in the bedroom.

 Here's the tablecloth on the bed - used to keep the cat hair off the duvet cover. It was a lot easier to wash the tablecloth than remove the duvet & was the cover weekly.

 Here's the headboard cover on it's Fall/Winter side, the colour really warms the room. I fastened it with three ties on each side to match the binding going around the headboard cover.

 This is it all put together with the pillows out front & the drapes co-ordinate the flow & warmth of the plaid. Bill & I once stayed a few days at Glen Eagles in Scotland on business & it was decorated with all different colours & textures of plaid, such a cozy feeling.

 This is a close up of Liz's Maple Leaf quilting. It truly compliments the Canadian Maple Leaf plaid.

 Here's the headboard covering turned over to its Spring/Summer side, light & soft in colouring.
I've placed the Vintage Stitches quilt on the end of the bed, here's a close up of that wonderful pattern I spoke of...

 Such an old look with some sweet sayings...

I just love this backing, it's my favourite so far and the nautical theme enhances this bedroom for Bill. Bill gave up so much of his passions back in the mid 1980's when he was a scuba diver & raced sailboats across Lake Erie. I'm hydrophobic and yes I live up on a hill in front of the Thames River in London, the same area that in the 1930's had floods go through windows of homes & ruined many  houses  & now here I am soon to be living in front of Miramichi Bay in Hardwicke...which will be getting a breaker wall installed this year. It is lovely to look at from a distance for me, I just don't want to be in it.

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  1. This is so beautiful. You are so talented with decorating your rooms.
    You must be pleased.