Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Find! Ideas & August-September BOM

 I was at the Goodwill this week & look what I found, what a find! Someone did a beautiful job on this cross stitch & I'm going to enjoy the view looking at it.

 This picture of the cottage with the hanging quilts is going to the cottage.

 The geese give a real English feel to the picture...but it was the quilts that caught my eye!
I don't know if I'll leave it as a picture or remake it into a pillow to sit on the deacons bench that's going to the cottage. Either way, I'll blog on it's destination.


Here I go again...this placemat draped over the bolster cushion took on a life of its own & the napkin fabric will do just fine on the ends. It's a perfect size for this idea!

 I've had this Laura Ashley bolster for over ten years. The new fabric idea matches the bedroom linen. Sew much to do....sometimes the best ideas are those that were not planned, just thought of & made into the idea.


Back to the quest...to finish the Thimberries 2006 Vintage Stitches Quilt

August Block Done!

 August's harvest, fresh peaches, yum!

September Block Done!

 I love September & the kids going back to school. It feels so good having everything going back into a routine.

How's that song go...It's the most wonderful time of the year! :-)


Tea Cozy Done!

Nicholas, our youngest son, came home from work & put my tea cozy on his head, making fun that I made him a Zack Brown hat! He does look good in a wool cap...
I know what he's getting this Christmas! 


  1. I cross-stitched that picture years ago! It is hanging up in my hallway!

  2. What a nice find, I like it in the frame.You can always put it in an easel somewhere. Or you can make it into a pillow like you said.

    You got a lot done. I suppose that the cooler weather is a great time to do some stitching as it's too cold to work outside. You are making good use of your time.

    I agree, the tea cosy looks good on your son's head. Ha,ha,ha,


  3. So that's why I never find anything good at the Goodwill - you've been there first!! Wow, what a great find!