Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hat Felting... Successful!

I tried my hand at knitting a hat then with the help of Lori, we felted it this was successful!
I love this hat & made it for the east coast winds to keep me warm.

 After numerous hot bathes in the washer & taking it out each time for the "just right" fitting...five times in fact! Then onto the bakers cooling rack or today's drying rack (with plastic bags inside to hold the shape as it dries)

Here I am doing a self picture & I know those bangs/fringes  need a cut. My hairdresser knows when I cut my own hair & next week is my appointment.

I chose this colour to enhance my eyes. I'm 5' 2"...eyes of blue. ;-) I'm really pleased at how well this wool from Peru felted up & to have a hat that fits my small head is a bonus too! Now to see if it holds up to those northeastern winds off the eastern Atlantic waters.


Last weekend was so beautiful & night we my have snow & rain mix. Wow April has been cold & wet in southern Ontario. The gardens are starting to pop through & show their colours though.

 I'm so glad that the daffodils were brought into the house as it snowed overnight Sunday morning was quiet bright with the white dusting.

I just love the colours that bloom from the bulbs!


Granddaughter Alicia was over with her parents & Boris just loves that girl!

 Outside of Alicia's pink & white Dashaund socks...these two are dressed to co-ordinate

He just gazes into her eyes...Love Me - Feed Me - Never Leave Me. A perfect Sunday afternoon!


  1. I'm impressed with how nice your hat turned out. You look great in it and it looks great on you...
    Boris is just over the moon with that young cutie.
    My daffodils are blooming to in the more sheltered spot where the sun shines.

    I'm in house spring cleaning mode but it's going slow as I also work at the farm and in the books.

    Have a great weekend.