Saturday, December 1, 2012

Feeling Christmas :-)

Last night while out to shopping at the Dollar Store, Bill saw a pair of 'Wine Pants' you put the wine bottles in the legs. Well all he could in vision was Boris in these pants...yes cut the bottoms out for his legs. He's always jumping up to stand on someone to be petted, now he would look proper in is Christmas pants...but wait a hat too! I went there to get invites for the neighbourhood Christmas get together we usually have before Christmas. Bill just had too much fun with the Christmas dressing Boris.
Does he feel the Christmas...he`ll look at the camera only if you say `cookie`!   

 This is how they were their pants, showing just a peak of his stumpy little tail...Mitch you have competition. lol 
 Yes Bill, Boris does look handsome in is Christmas pants & hat. Is he feeling the Christmas though    he does look pleased to have your attention. And the treats that followed this photo shoot!

I knit a Boston Terrier for a New Brunswick`s baby`s 1st Christmas, so I had to try Boris` wee hat on the knit dog. I`m feeling the Christmas fun too!
 I`d knit one of these dogs a few years back & gave it to my grandson Emerson. I hope this little boy likes his Boston as much as Emmy did. The family has a 9 year old Hailey the Boston Terrier, so I`m sure they`ll get a chuckle out of the knit one for the baby`s 1st Christmas.
Merry Christmas All...24 days till the big day!


  1. Thanks for sharing the real Christmas spirit with Boris. You can have the spirit from the bottles and Boris will fill those pants with his own Christmas Spirit. lol Cute knitted dog. I can tell that you're having fun.
    Keep warm, It's mighty cold this way.


  2. So glad to read the test were ok... I received your two cards...We had a lovely visit to Richibucto last week.... Looking forward to the spring... Enjoy the holidays...marg