Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

 For the last 28 years we've been celebrating the Family Hungarian Christmas together. It's a time that we come together with pot luck goodies & the host supplies the fish, as there is no meat served at this dinner. We exchange good wishes & get caught up with one another, have a wonderful dinner, then exchange gifts. I tried for handmade gifts from me, either I made it came from a crafty trades-person that I had stumbled upon at the Carroll's Bakery in Miramichi, NB. The car was quite loaded on the trip home this year with his wooden handy work, soon to be shared with family loved ones.

This is our Christmas Eve get-together, all three sons were home! The boys are now grown & the grand-kids are getting to be quite the size too! There were comments being made how tall Madison was next to me & she is only nine years old, next year should be interesting as these kids are growing like weeds!

 The parlour is filled with excitement of the gift opening
 The granddaughters - Madison & Alicia

 Look at this adorable box!
 It was all about Christmas Boston Terrier's, so cute & it was for me!

Boris received a gift from his 'Grandma & Grandpa' & had the squeaky torn out of it in no time.

 The custom 'Richardson' wooden sled with the clan tartan ribbon, was a great hit with the eldest son
 And so was the Buchanan tartan polar fleece blanket I had put faux suede binding on.

 The wooden birdhouse was a huge hit too!

 Boris up on my lap for a cuddle, so much excitement going on.

 The girls, feeling the Christmas love, having a cuddle with each other.

 The oldest grandson stretched out relaxing after a full fish dinner with many desserts. He was nursing a stitched finger from the night before.

 Contentment with such a wonderful evening.

Bill in relax mode too!

 Bill, you have the picture - just right... get into the family photo!

 Now that's a picture perfect photo to the end of a wonderful family evening.


Christmas Dinner was Delicious!!

Bill made the whole meal...
 And Mitchell set the table. Yum
This has been a wonderful season of celebration & so much to be thankful for.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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