Wednesday, December 5, 2012

20 Days Till Christmas

 I cannot believe it's just 20 days till Christmas, wow time flies!! Monday was a full day with a Christmas lunch at Casey's with the quilters/knitters of Dorchester Community Center then a pot-luck supper in the evening with the London Rug Hookers, everyone left a gift of wool, gift bags were placed on the piano. We had a lot of fun with a BINGO game after our dinner. Thank you Marion for organizing that fun.

 The bay window is decorated with my 'handy work' I do love to work with needles, sewing or knitting! I made these gnomes a few years ago from a England knitting book I found at Chapters.

This is a Christmas Penny Mat, that was a kit given to me for my belated birthday. The pieces were laser cut! no cutting - just hand sewing...I added the curtain rings to the top of the bulbs rather than a embroidered outline. I was happy to see that the button snowflakes matched my little gnomes snowflakes on his hat & mittens! I love the look of everything together that is handmade. The Christmas bulb candle mat will be the only Christmas decoration this year. I have taken on Spirit the Eagle & it will take a lot of my time. I am just quilting together a maple leaf tablerunner & will show that new posting. I am really pleased with the way it turned out.

I am going to call for my one hour session at Blacks on how to use my camera that I received for Mothers Day as it has gone on video mode & I am not techie at all. However - everything is easy once you know how!

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  1. Hi Cynthia, I got all excited when I saw that you had a video on your but it only lasted one second, lol. But at least you've uploaded a video. I never tried the video mode on my Canon Rebel T1i yet. I'm not techie either. I should give it a try sometime.

    Your window looks very Christmasy with all your cute hand made decorations but my favorite is that sweet wall hanging. I just love, love love it.

    I can't wait to see your Spirit of the Eagle done up. It will be fantastic I know. It's such a beautiful pattern.

    Today I added some homemade decorations from things I had in my pantry to add a bit more country flair to my bannister garland and I found a set of clear lights that I thought I had given to the Thrift store.

    No snow here yet and the grass is still very green.
    Have a great week.