Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photos Are Back :-)

All my tests are back & they were all negative! Yes it's the hernia that's creating all this discomfort. Belly fat has to be lost to relieve the pressure. The flesh is weak, I love food so much. My dad use to say to me as a child "I may have been born in Hungry, but you were born hungry!"yes it's like a curse for me this love of eating. If I could stop smoking after 22 years and not have a cigarette for 20 years now, this food affair has to end too. This is going to be an exciting year for me & I need to be more disciplined with the eating. Boris is an eater too! lol 


 Boris is sun bathing on the back of the couch as the cat's in his bed!
 He nestles right in like the cat does...when not in his bed!
 The bright flash has his attention.


 The outline of the eagle wall hanging, missing inner border length is in the mail...
 Stunning piece in 20 different batik fabrics


 This is the lane way to the new cottage, through the woods for about 3 acres and...

 Wait for it...

 You arrive at this beauty! I just love the look & feel of this place. This is what will get me through the winter, I've already started packing.

A porch will be installed for the door that has nothing. The laundry room is next to it. And a clothes line too.
 Large kitchen windows & the window at the front is one of my viewing windows in my sewing room.
 Yes the small windows at the front are my sewing room/studio windows & the large windows are the sun room, a screened in sunr oom that faces the water - how lucky was this find!
 Large evergreens grace the landscape
 Looking out the sun room at the water, it was a foggy day when I took this photo.
 This is the front view--if your arriving by boat.
 The house is quite a ways from the water, which makes me happy as I'm hydrophobic.
As Orphan Annie sang - "I think I'm going to like it here!"


  1. I'm glad to hear that the tests came negative and that you got the result.
    Now who doesn't like to eat. I love food too but there is so many food I can no longer eat because of soy and soy by-products that are in most packaged food now, from chocolate ,crackers, breads assorted baked goods, beans, ice cream, peanut butter, cones, mayonnaise, Becel , even in chewable calcium, sausages, pasta, soups, cake mixes, pancake mixes, spaghetti sauce, Stove top... the list is endless.
    Enough of this depressing list...

    Great place to stay and walk about but a lot of lawn to upkeep.
    Oh that eagle patter is to die for. I'm so glad that you are getting the missing piece of fabric. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous.

    Boris like to sunbath up high.

    Take care,

  2. Sweet little Boris - he looks so sad - misses HIS bed. Kick that cat out Boris! Your new "cottage" looks great - I agree with JB, lots of grass! When I quit smoking I got hooked on red licorice, am still addicted to it :)