Friday, November 16, 2012

Needle Punch Mastered!

 The packaged said "Easy And Relaxing -  A Quick Way To Smile" ?? I was learning & not much smiling was going on. I played the YouTube several times with different people showing how to begin this project. I love You Tube as I'm a visual/audio learner.

 I do love to colour...
 The pattern looked fun, I'll colour with the needle punch. Once the technique of punch was worked out, the smiling began as I peeked under the embroidery hoop, looking onto the other side. The work is done from the wrong side, the same as proddy rugs. 
 Wrong side of the work...
 Right side of the work! :-)  the project was 5"x7" & done with embroidery floss. The rug needle punch is done the same way. Yes I have a winter project to attempt with some Briggs & Little wool.
\I've always admired these little pieces of work. And yes "Everything Is Easy Once You Know How".
This is great work to take along with you as it takes up very little room. With this finished piece, I'm going to place it in the center, as cushion design.

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  1. I love your little punch needle project. You did a great job on this. Looking forward to seeing your pillow now for your next project.