Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Whoops ? ? ?

As I tried to upload my download, I got a whoops? from Google. Stating something was full & $$$ needed,  having too many photos & now I'm stuck with not being able to my show & tell...only tell till I can get someone that is techie to explain to me what is going on with this.

This has been a week of frustration, getting the last of the cottage purchase tied up. Still not knowing the biopsy results as my GP has not forwarded my results & the specialist office is closed till today... three weeks after the procedure. So now I'll need an appointment with that office to find out the out come of the tests.

So I thought I'd go into my kyrotime & work on a Christmas present. It was a Eagle kit that I purchased in Calgary last July just for this occasion. After tracing out the 123 pieces onto light heat & bound - these pieces are only the eagle and a single branch! then cutting these small pieces out - the overall size of this wallhanging is 26''x29'' & that includes the three borders. I traced the overall pattern for placement onto a piece of clear vapour barrier, (yes we're undergoing renovations in this old 1916 house, it is the song that never ends) this clear plastic is excellent for just that use. I usually use the clear plastic that you buy by the yard/meter for covering your table clothes that are precious, the finished pattern is traced on the clear plastic giving you exact placement for the applique placement.
Well...it was a kit & the birds feet, beak, & inner border piece should have been the width of fabric. Instead it was cut from a fat 1/4, not giving the length needed. I call All About Quilting in Calgary, luckily it was a toll free number as you can order off their website, explained what my issue was & low & behold - every kit she opened up had that issue too! To complete my border I needed just a 6" x 22" piece that was given - the problem begins with your  5" piece cut off to do the feet/beak...making you short for the inner border.  My border piece is in the mail as I type, thank you Leslie for making it right for me to continue. Leave it to quilting to make my day. :-) I've other projects to get started & finished before the big day, till the mail-person delivers my fabric piece from Alberta.

Well it's back to the Serenity Prayer, knowing what you can and cannot control and knowing the difference.
The key word here is control for me as things don't happen, you make them happen. Sometimes your taught patience & understanding...that you cannot control everything!!

The photos will download, just not upload to my blog. Once I get this worked  out, loads of pictures to follow...

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  1. Hi Cynthia. I'm sorry about the Dr. not forwarding your biopsy to the lab. Three weeks is a long wait. I hope that all will be well with you and that you will know soon the results.

    I'm glad that your had a toll free number to call and that you are getting the missing piece in the mail. You must have been the first one calling about the kit if they didn't know that there was a missing piece oissue with the kit.

    On the money needed to buy space on Google, it happened to me and it cost very little to buy space and it last for quite a while. I use a lot of space because I upload large pictures.

    I use my visa and I've never had trouble . It cost me only $5.00 and it will renew it automatically if I am to run out of space but I have to oK it.
    It's very easy and you just follow the instructions. They asked for a period of 24 hours before you can get your space again. I think that it's because the bank transaction goes through after midnight.

    Hope that you soon will have your space back.