Friday, November 16, 2012

Early Education :-)

 Granddaughter Samantha & her boyfriend Steve stopped by to visit with her 'homework project'. That project would be her entire weekend of having a computer motorized baby. One that cries, needs to be fed, cuddled, or changed...for the whole weekend & has a computer inside that records how much care is given & how much time it took. Samantha has to wear a computerized bracelet that is connected to the back of the doll. She complained on how little sleep she received the night before as "Andrew" cried & needed feedings all through the wee hours. The kids that have these dolls are responsible for their care & need to take special care of their heads, if the spring in the neck is dislodged...they'll receive a failing mark. The dolls even come with car seats that are to be used transporting them. Andrew went everywhere with Samantha, she'll do great on this course as she has 4 stepsisters that she has helped raise from infancy.
Her comment on Facebook was 'I don't want kids', I  laughed out loud...
 These three are just too happy!
 A cuddle with Boris was needed as Andrew was getting way too much attention, for his liking.
 The doll makes the noise of drinking as the bottle is put to its mouth! The babies came in all ethnic backgrounds & Sam was hoping for the Spanish baby but tended to all of Andrews needs.
Steve gave in to Sam insisting he take Andrew...she'll be happy when this course is over! Great course for those that are not around babies with all their demands, it does cut into ones teen years of socializing.
I know this first hand...I had my daughter when I was 16...38 years ago. I look at my beautiful Samantha & she has so much life to live before the responsibilities of raising a baby. For now she can do the 'let's play house' & get on with her life & mature into womanhood.

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  1. This is one of the best way to teach a teen the demands a child can put on a mother. And this is only temporary. We all know that a real baby is for the long haul. And the worries when they are sick...

    Having to care for a real baby after giving birth when you are sore and tired is hard work but the love that creates the bond between the mom and baby is very strong and special.
    I think that it's wonderful that your beautiful daughter is taking her role seriously.

    The baby is life size. Great stuff...