Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Please...

The puppies & I are longing for spring. We took a walk last night, dodging very large puddles, puddles are a sign of spring. They walked on the road for the first time! It is interesting walking two dogs at once, they're doing very well.
Bridget is the walker, she walks along side of me & Baxter wants to sniff & eat stones, he's learning the 'Let's go' yank. lol
I'll take my camera for a stroll this week & show you our rural stroll.

 They love their great room romp & explore anything hanging loose. Bridget is pulling on the chair ties, Baxter loves squeaking toys. Auntie Ann's bunny, now is faceless & without a squeaker.
It's in the bag of 'toys to repair', the rabbit, is going to have facial replacement! lol

 True terriers in action, so much energy & then they sleep. What is it with Bridget always having her tongue out at photo time?!
                                                        Baxter loves to teeth on wood.

 Bridget had to have a chew too, she's growing quickly now but still is much smaller than heavy weight, Baxter. I think that one is going to be one of the 25lb Boston Terriers. He has always been the big boned, stocky one. Time will tell.

Heather told me of Kent having Christmas bulbs on sale for $3, there were only 2 left & I purchased them both. The Paper-whites are in full bloom & smell wonderful! Bill's herb garden is growing well & soon will need to be transplanted, the Summer Savory outgrew the cover.
If spring is not outside, I'll have it inside, warmer days are ahead.

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Cynthia, it's fun seeing how quickly they are growing those two. They are a handful now but they will settle down once they have discovered all that there is to be discovered. I'm sure they will love frolicking around in your big yard in the summer.

    Your indoor garden looks lovely. I still haven't started anything this year. I think I have lost my Mojo. I'm usually antsy to start planting seeds early that takes long to get going but not this year. In fact, I've been rather slack in all department this winter. I've even neglected my house plants so much. I must be getting old. I hope I find my Mojo soon.
    Have a great week with those babies.