Saturday, March 11, 2017

Puppy Antics

Bridget & Baxter are keeping my days very full. And with the winter winds, snow, & ice, the warmer days of spring will be a big welcome to all of us.

 We had warmer time earlier this week & I took advantage of it with Bridget & Baxter. Coats on!

                 I keep leads on them, I'm afraid of losing them to the birds of prey in this area.

             Bridget in her bright red coat & her petite, lightness, would be gone in one clean swoop.

 Two years ago I saw four wee kitten or rabbit legs, dangling from a huge hawk, I was horrified that it may have been Rexton.  She was a wee kitten then & we made sure she stayed indoors but had she gotten out?  No it was not Rexton but something was taken upwards for food. A sight that would terrify me with these puppies.

 Baxter likes to stay close to the walls, maybe he too has instinct & feels safe there.

 And Bridget, well she fears nothing & wants to just stay close to me, my baby girl. I'll keep her safe.

                                         Hey look what Lucy has!! A snowball for us!!

And yet again, I spoil their fun! lol As these two grow, so does their confidence to explore everything. Lucy will soon have her rabbit suit on for them to sniff at. They didn't even try the Lucy's Dalmatian coat!
 Jocelyne, thank you so much for the puppies coats, they are perfect!

                                     I put in a wicker basket of toys & Bridget jumped right in!

 Then Baxter joined her & it was, oh so cozy the two were ready to have a snooze!

 I lifted them out & but them in there crates/cribs for their morning nap. I love their nap times!

 Later that day, their wicker basket was turned into a step stool for escape of the pen. Baxter your so busted! And he knew it! It was probably Bridget coaching him to do it! lol

 Baxter thought if he turned away, I couldn't see him, he's so funny! And growing so quickly!

                          Today after breakfast, I gave them their tuffy's, filled with roast beef.

I need to get another red tuffy. Boris's toys from London will be arriving at Easter with Donny. They'll have to share the one red tuffy & the wee blue tuffy. They are good at sharing.

What The ???

 When the snow melted off the porch... I could not believe my eyes!! The colour had left from the very expensive, 25 year warranty deck boards! The dark blue/grey variegated boards had turned to a beige colour!

The porch was installed in late fall & the stairs, that have the same problem, were installed just before Christmas! What is happening? Bad batch?!
I always have a feeling that Murphy's Law, had a sister...  I could be her!
I've been to Home Hardware on Thursday & they sent someone to take pictures. I don't have a good feeling about this. Remember my melting siding, well I bet you they took dozens of pictures, the first time, the second time, & on the third time of my dark Surf Blue siding melting, I had the contractors use the steel siding on the area & yes, lots of photos but no solutions, nor compensation.
And in London ON we are still in the class action with BP Shingles in Quebec, yes you guessed it...
they too want more pictures & that was after a dozen emails to them. They have shortened their telephone hours & you get a answering machine, of which they do not return your calls.
This is now our second year of working to having the roof solution fixed & replaced with a 50 year shingle, that we had paid for, just & years ago & there's very little roof shingle left on the house or my sewing studio. Others that had the problem & took the money have been compensated with the money, it's not enough money to have the problem fixed though. With spring coming & April showers next month, I get an uneasy feeling. I don't want to have to involve the insurance company, with claims & proving that for years BP Shingles, have been dragging their heels.

Why does everything have to be such a fight to get what you paid for? It's not like we purchased cheap materials, it is the manufacturers that have been causing grief to the Home Depot & Home Hardware's in Canada. They just need to make this right.


Have a great warm weekend, we here in northeast New Brunswick are under a extreme cold warning of -36c chill factor & a high of -17C with 50km winds. Were also bracing for another nor'easter mid week with more snow coming.  March should leave like a lamb because it's been roaring since it started!

Last weekend, Bill purchased some spring tulips to brighten the winter days. How gorgeous are these tulips?!! I enjoy looking at them & knowing that my bulbs are waiting, to come to life too. Come on spring & warmer temps, it seems like forever since I've seen flower beds around here. Till then I'll enjoy photos from blogs,  friends & family. Daydreaming...

And don't forget to turn the clocks  AHEAD tonight... yes, spring signs are there...just not 'outside' yet.
On the upside, the very cold days are very bright days, warm & cozy inside but the pups & I would love to see & feel the warmer days that are just ahead of us!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Those two are so adorable in that basket. The sweet look of innocence. Oh crap... pardon the expression but this is so unfortunate about your deck boards. The color just faded away in one season. Unbelievable. It's so difficult to get quality now a days despite buying high end products. Nothing last and cost an arm and a leg. I can feel your frustration. I have no faith in manmade products anymore. It's all about making money and no one is responsible for anything they make.

    It's bitter cold here too today with high wind from the river.
    I hope that you still can have a great weekend Cynthia. You're lucky that your man buys you flowers to bring a bit of spring in.
    Take care, Hugs,