Sunday, August 4, 2013

What A Week :-)

 My girlfriend Elizabeth was purging & stocked me up on decor fabric from her stash(she use to work at Fabricville aka Fabricland) I can't wait to play with some of her castaways. Thank you Elizabeth! :-)

This week was a full one with Don & his family arriving on Thursday & Bil1 flying in from China & arriving on Saturday. Thursday was granddaughter Alicia's 12th birthday, so I went to the Coop & got her 12 cupcakes to help celebrate her day. Her birthday would be spent sitting in the car for 16 hours to here from Sarnia ON. They arrived in the evening, just in time to have a sweet treat from her birthday cupcakes.
 Happy Birthday To You...

 Alicia with her cupcakes, thinking of her birthday wish.
 The blowing & the wishing, wishing & blowing...
 All done, I think her wish had to have something to do with her phone, her lifeline to the world she's left behind a few provinces away.
 Madison working on her Friendship bracelet, the girls just loved the idea of making their own, I keep forgetting that Madison is south paw. There's one in every family, Mitchell was ours.
Maddy`s colour choice - blue, black, & white
 Alicia working on her bracelet.

 Alicia`s colour choice black, white, & red. She's now finished & wearing it! She started a purple & white one for brother Stoan.
Our eldest son Don, just happy that the trip was uneventful & over. He had called his Dad earlier in the week to ask if there was a short cut to the cottage, his reply was "Yes, it's called Air Canada", it was their first trip to New Brunswick & they were not disappointed with all the beauty. Alicia commented after traveling through Quebec that New Brunswick looked the same! lol
 Eldest grandson Stoan, playing the Music Maker.
 Daughter-in-law Melissa, relaxing with a read on Middle Island - a place that we're all going visit on NB Day.

 Don & I, he puts up with me calling him Donny still. Oh my that wee boy grew! He was 2" short of two feet at birth & he was induced 2 weeks early! I'm 5 foot 2".

 Don with his lovely wife Melissa. She has her hands full with the three kids...& Don but always has a smile for them all!

 We started Saturday morning with the Country Breakfast at St. Micheal's, wow full breakfast to start the day. Then I was off to Moncton's Airport to pick up Bill. :-)
 It was a full house at the parish hall, we managed to get a spot for four & put six in it...cozy.

 Bill arrived & we all went out for a Maritime supper at The Fisherman's Wharf in Escuminac NB. It rained that day too, see the rainbow behind us & the blue sky. :-)

 Rainbow's gone, just bright skies with Bill. ;-)
 Madison had insisted that lemon meringue pie & key lime pie tasted the same. So for the Sunday dessert I made her both & asked if they tasted the same! She told me her's were store bought & no Grammie's pies didn't taste the same but the key lime was the best!  

 A small slice of each was on mostly everyone's plate, yum!
 I made the girls each a small monogrammed  pillow filled with crushed walnut shells to pin their bracelet projects on whilst they work on them.
 Boris was stuck to these girls all day. They even took him back to their cottage for a sleepover. lol

 Tomorrow is NB Day here & I'll post the happenings on the island. It will be two car loads to get us into Miramichi. Bill & I are having such fun with the visiting family! :-)


  1. What a nice week you had with your family. Lots of great pictures and I love the cup cake idea. It's very practical. I do that too sometimes especially for kids.
    My granddaughter also made those bracelets. I hope that you'll have a great time together for NB day.

  2. Looks like a wonderful family holiday, enjoy every minute of it ...