Saturday, August 24, 2013

Plarn & Parcel Surprise :-)

Yes I posted 'plarn'...that's what you get when you make yarn from plastic grocery bags!
I've always wanted to try it & that's just what I did...
There was loads of info with Google, I used Marlos Crochet Corner for the instruction of cutting the bags.

 So many bags are needed & I thought I would have enough...
 I began with the tote bags bottom
 I just loved that the stitches 'must be loose' that made the job easier on the crochet hook.
 This is my woven  Kcup coffee holder & I saw that the bag too had a wonderful texture beginning!
The bag begins-

 More bags were needed & I needed a larger hook!

 These are the only hooks I had on hand & the larger one worker much better
 Still more plarn is needed, what a great way to use up those bags & to make something that would do the job of the plastic bag but now doing it with some style!
It's 14" now & I still needed more bags - wow who would have thought. You can see the smaller bottom from the small crochet hook. I think it my be better to hold the weight of the groceries, I'm going to use the double ply bag bottoms for the handles, adding strength to the top. I'll post when that's finished. The body of this tote has a lot of bags!!! To make 'Plarn" you'll neede a lot of bags. lol


 Tilda gets hair & eyes. I added a flower to her styling too.

 With having no nose or mouth it gives meaning to the saying "Blank Stare". lol

 I was busy using broken tape measures making a small purse & tote. And even a kitty with friends.
 I added the bells from Maria's surprise bridal party. Every good cat wears bells to warn the birds of their presence.
 The top stays shut until you pull the handles & it snaps open.
Here it is snapped open with a few pockets to hold thing up in the bag. Thanks for the pattern Liz, I hope it's a seller at the quilt show next month!


 The pineapple is done & hung!
 It really adds nice texture & colour to this vignette.


Now the parcel surprise...
Mitchell sent me a parcel, he's the "Call Your Mom" son. Well this speaks volumes son, thank you for thinking of you mom on your Vancouver trip this month!
And for thinking of me during your province state of emergency as you supported your fellow Southern Albertans as they got ready for the Stampede 101.
Like it has for 100 years - through two wars and a depression - the show did go on, come Hell or High Water!
 Trying to do my first self picture
 And another...Mitchell I'll wear this T-Shirt with pride & thank you for supporting the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fund!

 And that same package contained a spoon from Vancouver BC , Stanley Park, I collect spoons from travels. But wait there's more!  bamboo coasters - "Salmon and whale reflect the connection between all living beings." Unity by Maynard Johnny Jr. & they're in the greatroom & compliment my Emily Carr prints. Coast to coast they've traveled to their destination here at the cottage. Thank you Mitchell for thinking of your mom, I look forward to your visit this Thanksgiving. It's beautiful here in the fall & NO mosquitoes! Quite different from Your May visit.

And there you go - Plarn & Parcel! Thank you for stopping by for a view & what I'm up to!
Have a great day, It's your gift living your present, enjoy!


  1. Wow, Cynthia, you are amazing with your hands. There's nothing you won't try. Everything you touch turns out great. I can't sit still either but I don't have much time to do crafts with my hands but they are only idle when I sleep, lol..Love the self portrait too. You are beautiful and look so young.

    Your son is very thoughtful.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. have you seen the bag a friends made me with grocery bags... I will bring it next week.
    Looking forward to our hook in

  3. Hey Cynthia, I almost didn't recognize you! While I'm becoming a re-blonde (past grey, going white) you're getting darker! ;)