Saturday, August 10, 2013

Great full Week ;-)

 I could not resist this photo of Tommy relaxing in the sun porch on the couch, he nestled up to one of my quilts.
 His legs/feet have always reminded me of a rabbits foot. Years ago in the 1960's everyone had a 'lucky' rabbits foot, they were dyed in many colours & as a child I found them oh so soft. The rabbit was not a lucky one though to loose his foot to this commercial selling. Anyway I love Tommy's feet.

 The other day I was saying to Bill that I wonder what happen to my Restoration Hardware order??
Confirmation stated that it had shipped, so went into my email & tracked the UPS order. The order had seven packages & stated 'Delivered to front door'... what? I said "Bill they said it was delivered to the front door, I never signed for it!"  Bill then went to the front door & after opening it he said "Oh Honey..." & busted into laughter...Bill had been mowing the lawn & the driver knew that someone was home, Boris must have been following Bill & the noise from the UPS truck was not heard.
 Yes indeed my rugs had been delivered!! with some of my early Christmas shopping too.
 Boris too was surprised to see all this on the front porch. LOL


 Early this morning I went to sit down for a coffee & to my surprise in all the dust on the glass coffee table had a message...
"Grammie I miss U" The kids had left for Ontario around 2am & we had our last supper together last of them got creative!

With this being Bill's last day with me, he soon would be gone on the afternoon flight to Toronto from Moncton, he took me to the Napan Fair. What a wet mess that was!!! It rained a lot last night & today the winds are very strong, I think it's from the tornado that went through Ontario a couple of days ago. We were told that the Napan Fair was closed early yesterday due to the weather.
We walked around & both of us were mesmerized & in awe with the beauty of these horses. What a sight to gaze upon! The sun made their coats just glisten in the sun & the trot they would do on command & the size of these beautiful beasts, wow they were big!

 Different coloured scrunchies were placed on their tails for identification

 Gorgeous structures & their stance was so precise

 This was the beauty that made us sit down to watch & at the end won 1st prize!
 It really was entertaining to watch.


 Remember the old roof that has given me grief with all the leaking into my studio? This was a photo of it last November & now...
 This week Bill & Don put on a new steel roof & slanted it out as the original was a flat roof. It has rained & NO leaks, life is good again in the studio.
The basement filled with water again though!!
That mess will be dealt with in October when I have my trio working on digging around the foundation, wrapping the foundation & placing a weeping tile around it. But till then I've the job of having the two tree stumps removed!! Oh my - No rest For The Wicked - The Righteous Don't Deserve It! LOL


Bill's been busy again on that Honey Do List. I had a window being held together with duck tape do to all the wood rot in it. Well he found me a window at the Home Hardware & installed it for me! This window is larger & even opens. :-)
 This is the old photo of the laundry room.
This is it today, yes loads of laundry to do this week, Bill even painted the ceiling & installed a new light fixture too! Handsome & Handy!! LOL He & Don brought up the upright freezer from the basement & with stacking the washer & dryer it fit beautifully. With the laundry room being just outside the kitchen this makes an ideal place for the freezer.

 Here's Bill cutting the opening for the new window

Look at the size of the old window opening...

 This is the new bright & functional window. I'm so lucky to have all my wants & needs met with his visits out east. He says so long as I've things for him to do, he know I'll keep him. Job security in this loving relationship of 28 years!


On the drive to the airport this afternoon, I finished the friendship collar for Boris
 He never wears a collar unless he's on his lead
 After numerous photo shots to see the design on his collar - I finally got this one!
 Then he gave me this look!

OK let's see if Bose would like to wear a collar. Tommy can't because he goes outside & from hindsight cats that go outside shouldn't have a collar on.
 She seems to like it!
 She has the smallest tail for a cat her size.
 She turned 16 last July 7 doesn't show her age when she's still...
 But when she walks you can see she's arthritic in her hips
 I can never get her fully sleeping!
 Her eyes open at every sound
 They open quickly too
 This is her relaxing & styling in her new collar.
 Boris doesn't have any trouble closing his eyes for an afternoon snooze.
 Tommy is thinking the same thing too, I think he would do better in a larger space. lol
Bose has finally shut her eyes, she looks good on the new mat that was delivered to the front door! She likes them all, they're thick woven coconut mats. I like them for the nautical styling & the practical  wear we'll get over the years to come. Excellent sale price too!

Well everyone in my family are now back where they belong & my cottage days are mine again. Let summer resume!!!

They are like the tide...they come in...they go out. Not daily but monthly, so back to summer. I've been here in Hardwicke at the new cottage for three months now & I want to relax before the trees start to turn. I heard the first of the staccato insect last Sunday, & my  English Grandfather Haynes always told me that frost will come in about six weeks after hearing it. I hear them daily now, with the reminder that summers coming to an end soon. Time to savour the days left.

You enjoy what's left of your summer too! 
And come back for another visit. 


  1. Wow, again, you had a busy week. I could never keep up with you. I love the new window. It's so much brighter.
    Everyone looks happy and at ease.
    Love the new roof. I need one desperately. Mine isn't leaking but it won't be long. I have moss growing on my roof.
    I had water in my basement to this week.

    Have a great new week.