Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Fun - Hooking & Pubbing

Last weekend was a spontaneous fun one! I wanted some R&R with some creativity, however after reading the GIV'ER Miramichi magazine & the article about Matilda Murdoch, still givin'er, I wanted to see her myself. You see Matilda is a 93 year young woman that plays in a pub in Chatham called the O'Donaghue's Pub. This was the very pub I had sent a post card to my son Mitchell, in Alberta to ask him if he wanted to go there with me on his next visit, as I've never been...then this magazine article caught my interest. And those that know me know I'm like a dog with a bone when an idea hits.
No I'm going to be creative rather 'run the roads' , I told myself. So I settled into a pattern from the Primitive Quilts magazine that Bill had brought me this month on his most recent visit,  that caught my eye.
Last Thursday I'd gotten my red dot & linen burlap at the guild, with the pattern now transferred the colour choice began.

 Lynn from London & I had gone to a rug store before I left & I brought some of the pieces with me.
 And with some left over worms from past projects the idea started coming together!

 What's that saying...'Creative minds are seldom tidy!' Yes the kitchen table was lost in the auditioning of wool colours. I saw Tommy resting in the sunporch & I too joined him with my rug hooking. It was a sunny day & the mosquitoes have been so thick & the bites they give you!! even through your clothes! I was staying in & the sunporch would give me the sun & breeze of the day without those pesty mosquitoes!

 Boris too soon joined in on the sun but his black coat attracted too much for him & he left to another couch in the shade to continue his snooze.
Then Bose, the 16 yr old cat took his spot & began to purr, what a calming afternoon I was having. As the breeze went through the eight open windows, the tuned chimes softly were heard with the purring of Bose. Very calming & restful. But my mind kept wondering back to a lunch at the pub & the opportunity to see Matilda in a kitchen party at O'Donaghue's. Tomorrow would be Saturday & Matilda would be there at around of my newest girlfriend's in Hardwicke,  Mary Beth, maybe she would like to go, I'll just give her a call. I don't have her number. No just hook & relax I kept telling myself. I don't do the sit/stay well without creativity but I do want to go to the pub. Like Scarlet O'Hara would say..."I won't think about it today"
 Yes I was pleased on the way this hospitality pineapple was coming together.
 And I worked some more black edging on the Stoneware Horse too. Over 1/2 way done that project, a lot of the whip stitch for the completion.

Then Saturday morning I did some socializing & stopped in on Mary Beth to get her phone number. She was leaving to go to town to do some shopping & return library books. I told her of O'Donaghue's & she said "Let's go!", you see she too had read the same article.  We did & wow were not disappointed! The meal was great & the entertainment even better!
 2pm at O'Donaghue's Pub
 The kitchen party begins...
 Matilda Murdoch plays her music
 Oh, what an inspiration at 93! She's so charismatic & has such a calm to her.
 We arrived at the pub early which was good because the Dragon Boat Race was going on too. And it did not take long for the pub to fill up! Mary Beth enjoyed her lamb stew, whilst I had some lovely fish & chips, my favourite.
 Mary Beth relaxing to the tunes, I couldn't keep still with the beat. Then a strong vocal solo, with no music was sung & it mesmerized your soul, taking you back to a time long ago. What a time we had.
We took in the Farmers Market that morning & the pub in the afternoon, we finished with some more town shopping & headed home to Hardwicke.
I think I've found a friend that is as spontaneous as myself, what fun we had!

 And as I worked on my hospitality foyer, wall  rug & felt a calm within, thinking of the fun Mary Beth & I had that Saturday & our  pub experience . It's great when thinks just come together!

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  1. How about that, playing in a pub at 93. Good for her... How nice that you could go with a friend to enjoy the entertainment. All because you read an article in a magazine.
    You really got a lot done on your pineapple rug and the stoneware horse is looking great.
    Hope that you have a fine week.