Friday, June 28, 2013

Maria's Surprise Bridal Shower

Last night I had such a good time. I had been invited to a Bridal shower for Maria, the Sunday school teacher,  last Sunday at church. Maria who was not at the service last Sunday, is to be married July 6th in her garden in Bay Du Vin.
Well I decided to go last night as the clock chimed 7pm oh no! I was in kyrotime painting the red stars on the hangers bright yellow & realized I was late, late for a very important date...
Off I left to have a truck pull out from a side street but sped up to the 80km speed, & it too was turning into the church parking lot. I saw that it was Jill, a woman I had meet last year & she was dropping someone off at the door with goodies in hand. Jill & I parked our vehicles & she looked at me  & said "I really don't like lies but I had too" what?
Well to get Maria to the church for what was to be a real surprise shower, Jill had asked her to come have tea with another girlfriend but she had a cake that was to be delivered to the church for a funeral ceremony tomorrow. And not to worry that there was a Thursday night choir practice going on too. After hereing this 'lie' I got the giggles, how funny was this!
Jill & I followed in behind Maria  & was she surprised!!

 Maria & Jill, the look of delight! Fun evening had by all.
The room of woman were divided into three groups - then given a roll of toilet paper to 'make a wedding dress on a model'. Here is our model, she was such a good sport!
 Amazing what 3 minutes & a roll of toilet paper can create!
 Here are the 'three brides'
 The real bride then chose her dress...yes! it was our creative team.
Jill with her bride models, the blonde on the left is her daughter. A good time was had by all!

I still chuckle about her thinking she was delivering a cake for a funeral, while a choir practice was on! Jill, your good! The lie covered all bases, Maria was oblivious! :-)

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  1. I love it. What fun and to think that you almost missed it. You guys did a great job. Your creativity sure is shinning.

    I had that happen to me with a birthday cake that I was asked to carry over to a neighbour's house as a favor for the daughter of another neighbour. I was told to make sure that her daughter didn't see the cake and to say it was for Loretta if she happens to see it. When I walk in the neighbour's house there was a party going on and it was for me. SURPRISE. I wasn't expecting that at all as I never had a birthday party and I was in my thirties, lol.

    Have a great long weekend.