Sunday, June 2, 2013

Landscaping 101

 Landscaping 101 was taught to me today by my neighbours Deli & Kevin. I have the job of looking after two properties this summer & I've only one riding lawn mower & one gas lawn mower.
Well after church this morning I saw my two neighbours talking & went to ask for help on the 'setting up of a trailer & tying down of equipment.
It was raining heavily the last day that Bill & the boys were here & I didn't want to learn how to do it in the rain...really I didn't want to learn it! I'm an inside type of person, not an outside with all those mosquitoes & black flies type of person.
My resting heartbeat comes from a needle & thread, not the roar of a lawn mower - although the smell of the gasoline brought a smile to my face with the sense of my race days. If I had more horsepower I could get these jobs done faster. lol
Well the neighbours had me ready to go & after watching Isabell, Kevin's daughter leave with a trailer on her quad, I could hear Donny, my eldest son saying "suck it up, butter cup".
Down the lane I left with Boris at the helm with me.
 My Escape & trailer ready to go ...
 I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be a landscaper!
 The lilacs are in bloom & made my day seeing nature at its best.
 I'm going to cut some to take inside to enjoy the fragrance & colour.
 The lawn was so wet & thick, I swear you can hear the grass grow after the rain & the sun comes out. Another day I'll rake up the grass after it dries & is lighter to pick up.
 Look at this swamp like area! I did what I could & there was lots, I'm really missing my guys.:-(
Boris runs around the yard while I mow, investigating all the wonderful smells among nature. He was rolling in something earlier, I'm hoping it was just an itchy back & not something ... he found someones fish garbage last year, oh my that was a disgusting smell! Bath-time followed.
Time to go back to Hardwicke Boris. He was cozy in his basket having a snooze whilst I did some blogging on my adventure of hauling a trailer & mowing.
Yesterday I painted the kitchen island paneling, 8 sunporch windows, that took just as much time washing & removing the fly poop, the studio window in the porch. It all look crisp & clean now 7 just the ceiling & walls to do. Like Hammy Hamster would say "Now that's another day"
I want a day of sewing! I need the 60 beats a minute in my Kyrotime.
Sew much to little time.
Maybe some rug hooking too! ;-)

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  1. Welcome to June....
    Oh you live the good life Cynthia, but you are a woman and there is nothing you can't do. After a while, mowing will seem like a piece of cake. You are always so busy with painting and decorating.

    Sewing is relaxing or used to be to me too. I seldom sew anymore.

    I wonder why dogs like to roll in smelly stuff. My son's dog did the same thing and had to have a bath before she was allowed to walk in the house.

    Have a