Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Boris' Bed

Boris needed a new cushion cover in his wicker bed. I used the striped outdoor fabric & thought it would look better personalized. Then I remembered the stencil pack that I had purchased at the Dollar Store in Chatham last year.
 With permanent black Sharpie markers, I outlined then coloured in the stencil of each letter.
 What fun it was working with a stencil again, it brought back memories of 'cover pages' for school projects.
 And Boris has a new cushion in his bed. It looks like a Restoration Hardware stylized cushion, I love it when things just come together & your able to make something from just an idea!


There's a Acadian Festival going on this weekend in Baie-Sainte-Anne at the community center. I register to be in it on Sunday as one of the local artists. The committee has asked each artist to donate something that they've made. I had a Connecting Threads banner that I started in 2010 & have finally finished. I made it with the french welcome 'bienvenue' & added the gold star from the blue, white, & red flag.
I'm going to get metal paint at Canadian Tire & paint the star a bright yellow on the top of metal hanger tomorrow. It's my rug hooking day with the Miramichi Rug Hookers & the list of things that are needed in town will be filled.
 A lot of quilting was done on each piece,  & using the 'quilt as you go' technique, vertically adding the pieces where the seam lines were.
 The door handles are metal & black glass beads.
 The gold star that would guide the sailors home to their families.

 Here's the second one that I'm making for the cottage, the quilting hasn't started on the flying geese or cottages yet.
Here's a side view with the bottom half quilted & three sections joined with the 'quilt as you go'.
I'm hoping to have it done by the time the eldest son, Donald & family arrive next month.


My girlfriend Ursula & I had a sewing workshop day together yesterday. She'd always wanted to do this sewing bag RJR Fabrics - Sumptuous sewing bag - Robyn Pandolph - it's a free download!
 I always had trouble getting the applique right side up! even with the hindsight of making other bags.
 The other side of the bag.
The bag below is all closed up & ready to travel.
Ursula & I had a fun sewing day together & plan on doing it again soon! It was sew much fun. :-) 
This week has been such a busy sewing fun one & keeping up with the weather has been all over the map! So hot you need air conditioning one day & the next day your wearing a sweater!
And the grass keeps growing! :-( 


  1. I love all your projects, you are always so productive. Boris surely will love his new personalized pillow. What a great idea.

    You did a great job on those banners. Just so lovely and great quilting.
    The bag looks fantastic and sewing with a friend is sew wonderful.

    The weather has been so up and down here to, sun and rain and my husband has been haying, it's crazy. I keep getting sent indoors with rain showers, the next minute is sweltering heat.

    Have a good weekend,

    1. Thank you Julia for your positive lovely comments. It's going to be a great weekend! my husband arrives home from China & will be visiting me for a week! Guess who will be mowing the grass. LOL
      You have a great long weekend too!

  2. Like Julia said....'Boris will surely love his personalized pillow'.

    You and Ursula did a great job on the little sewing bag...looks very nice and I'm sure will be very useful. Your banner turned out beautifully...nice work, as always.

    We are certainly getting alot of mixed weather....rain, wind, a couple of very hot days 'in-between'...but, thankfully, we aren't getting what Alberta did. Summer has 'just' begun, so I'm sure we'll get lots of sunshine and heat, soon.

    How is your 'bargain-hunting' going these days? You always seem to come across some great treasures.

    Take care

  3. Love Boris' bed - bet he does too! An I also love the fabric you used for the sewing bag. Gotta make me one of those :)