Friday, June 14, 2013

Beautiful Morning Sunrise

It was a beautiful morning sunrise that I awoke to at 5am this morning...
Red sky in the morning is the sailor's warning! It was beautiful to gaze upon.
 This was a at 5am this morning...
This was just 1 hour later at 6am. See the things that happen while your still sleeping. What a difference the day makes!

Boris & I were swarmed by mosquitoes this morning as I took these photos of the breaker wall from the waters edge on 'the other side'.

 Boulders all piled up, as I'm on shore & looking east
 This is the black blanket covering that was laid down, then the stones were added.
 Look up - Look way up & I'll call ... "to many mosquitoes let's go Boris."
Now I'm looking west & heading for the opening to leave this mosquito infested day! Oh I really don't want to mow today. :-(


I'd rather have a sewing day.
This is what I accomplished sewing this week.
I made kitchen drapes that had to be seamed together to get the width I needed & the checkers had to match up. I know how heavy, very long (87"), can slip as your sewing & the lines no longer line up!
I had an idea...for my applique projects I used Roxanne's Bast It Glue, to hold the pieces in place while I hand sew them. So I tried it for matching the checks & it worked!
 Just a little dab where the seam would be. This duck cloth by Marcus Brothers was a dream to work with. I found it on line for $5.99 yard & purchased loads of it as you will see when I keep going on all my sewing projects for the windows.
 After glue basting I pinned it together with large flower top quilting pins. I left the selvages on for the sewing & serged them off when I saw that the pattern matched.
 Voila! seams are matched. An idea for you the next time you have to match a plaid or pattern of fabric together.
 I used the twisted cord tie backs I purchased at a Laura Ashley in England in the 90's, I thought the old tiebacks might add some interest of texture & colour on the new drapes
 The baseboard heaters are all installed under a window, making it very hard to have long drapes. I'm here for the summer months & will pull the drapes to a chair if I need to put on the heat.
 The drapes were lined with blackout lining & I did a miss calculation on my numbers & had too much lining -- so there was some unsewing to do to fix that challenge.
 A woman at the Fabricland London, on Wonderland, in the drapery department gave me this tip when I purchased the shirring. Make a small bag to place the ties in when gathered up, that way when you launder your drapes you can release it, making it a flat piece of fabric again & easier to iron too.
 My lovely tie backs, my husband Bill has always been very patient with me in the fabric and decorating departments. I just love that he has his Blackberry now & never stops reading it, giving me more viewing time when shopping.

 I had to release my drapes from my tiebacks as the weight of the fabric & lining was wrinkling the fabric. I set them free from their bondage.
 I love floor length drapes & these baseboard heaters do present challenges. The cost of heating with them is also challenging on the budget. When the time comes to become a permanent resident the 'heat pump' sounds good. And if that fireplace was CSA approved I'm sure that would warm this place too. All in good time, I don't like wishing my life away. Today is my present, a gift - just look at the way the morning greeted me today!
Have a great day for those of you that have stopped by & remember to enjoy this day, it too is present, your gift! :-)

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