Monday, September 24, 2012

This And That

 This is the ending of summer and the beginning of glorious fall.

The morning's are heavy with the morning dew.
When Liz was here looking through the cottage window, she saw the morning dew, dripping off the tree out front. Thew the morning sun, the dew drops looked like they were made of crystal.

 It's so had to capture to true feeling through photography. Liz & I saw that awe moment. ;-)

 I picked these out front of the cottage, on the roadside. My neighbours usually beat me to them!
How nice it will be to have them for this Thanksgiving at the cottage!
 These beauties will be canned for the winter. Tomatoes did well this season & next year I hope to grow my own for canning.


Yes it's started...Miramichi Rug Hookers!

 Rug hooking has begun, I went last week to find out that they hooked all summer! I thought that it started in September & they took summers off, "Oh that was only last year" someone replied, well last year was my first year at rug hooking. I was told they took a road trip together & hooked one sunny afternoon at Richie's Warf . Next year I'll be there with bells on!!

I'm working on a Primitive Gatherings rug, it's done in the round. I'm trying my hand at getting all the loops even...easier said than done. Thanks again Marg, for sitting with me & getting all the colours sorted out & showing me the technique of doing the working under the rug, saving my wrist from repetitive motion.

Seems like I'm just starting to settle in at the cottage and it's now fall! My window of time here and  the cottage windows...are starting to close. :-(

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  1. Oh you'll love hooking. Don't worry too much about getting all the hoops even. It comes with practice. It's such a nice hobby.

    You are lucky to have cranberries so close to you for the picking. I have to buy mine My tomatoes got blight this year and are pretty well all done by now.
    Take care.