Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hurricane Leslie's Day

Today it's a beautiful, breezy, sunny day - in this part of the maritime. Cannot say the same for other maritime provinces. After concerned phone calls...here is what I'm experiencing.  Thought I would share some photos of my walkabout on some of the property. Enjoy.

 The side deck is filled with the last of the afternoon setting sun. See Boris at the end, he's such a sun worshiper.
 The cosmos that were planted last year are back!
 The morning glories came back too late. I was not here in the spring to look after my gardens & some things did suffer.
 Mitchell's fire-pit, used only once this year

 The back woods, with my freshly mowed grass. Bill made comment on the weekend that he's "never seen anyone mow a lawn as fast as me!"

 Blue skies & the side woods
 The other side woods & my clothes line
 Ferns in the side woods. Next year I'm going to print some fabric with these leaves, they're beautiful.
 Vine wreathe on the garage, it's the one I made last fall in Ontario
 Splash of fall colour on the garage
 The cottage & look...more lawn
 Yes indeed, when I mow, it's my mission to finish it - I don't like mowing the lawn...I'd rather be sewing or baking. However whenever I finish I do feel good looking at it all done.
 Side screen door has colour on it now, soft sage colour. The winter was mean to the wood & weathered it terribly.
 The trees we planted four summers ago have survived, the lilac barely. It was so dry here & I was not here to water & care for the landscape till August.
 Side view with - look, more grass!! Look at the blue of the sky, now doesn't that just make your heart sing!
 Boris in the grass, it's cool on is belly & when his sunning is too hot on him, he lays next to the woods, yes in the grass that I've mowed.
 Tommy looking through the patio screen. All our screens that have pets use them, have pet screen on them. The pet screen lasts forever & weathers winters very well.
 Tommy loves the sun too, he walks the deck railing when I hang laundry and demands his petting from me in-between my grabbing of  clothes pins & the hanging the laundry. This cat is really quite vocal & will paw at you too, to get your attention. Tom & Jerry are now 13 years old.
 He's saying "Love Me, Feed Me, Never Leave Me." He's a grey Garfield!

This icon is not one of my photos...just appeared with my photos. Isn't he odd looking?

So there you have it! A beautiful day here in Baie-Saint-Anne, New Brunswick!
Hope you're having a beautiful day too wherever you are & if not...I'm sharing mine. :-)

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