Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poor Boris Loree

 I've been taking the dogs for a free run at the dog park, however this outing was different. Nick came with me this one eventful morning. As we were strolling, we came upon a man with two dogs, a Lapoapso(?)& & a Pointer Spaniel. Well the Spaniel immediately darted for Boris,  Diesel went between the two to stop anymore of the attack. Nick & I were so proud of Diesel as he protected his little buddy we talked & walked  the park some more. Then at the end of a turn, as we were strolling & Boris & Diesel  running after one another,placing their scent everywhere,  the Spaniel saw Boris again & darted away from his owner viciously upon Boris. It was a dog fight, finely the owner had control of his dog and apologized that his dog only attacks Boxers! I was gob-smacked & replied this breed is from a Boxer! We checked Boris over & he appeared OK & we continued our walk with much talk!!   Once home and our adrenaline down, I noticed the wee man's head had deep injury & as the days would follow, his scabs would lift & more wounds would release clumps of hair! 
 Boris has been to the vet's & everything looks OK. He is scarred on the face now & it's going to take everything I have not to take a black Sharpie marker to those scars, to cosmetically cover! They're an eye sore of the hurt to my innocent Boris when I look at him. He's such a friendly dog to those that know him. Now at the park he's more interested in the people than the dogs! Diesel, well he's his our character these days...
 He has taken to the Bombay leather sofa for the leathers coolness.
 He's so cute with his toys... I took this photo of him as he hugs the Mallard Duck that was Boris's Christmas gift from his Grandparents a couple of years ago. This duck has no squeaky or stuffing in it & looks like a rag doll as Diesel. lifts & throws it across the room. 
Another view of him sleeping with his duck, his eyes open to the flash of the camera. I think Santa may put a duck in  Diesel 's sock this Christmas.

After a good chew on the rawhide, he hugs it and falls asleep...or holds it till he awakes & Boris doesn't get an opportunity to get a chew off of it!

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