Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HHH & Hot Dogs

Hot, Hazy, & Humid, the three words that describe southwestern Ontario this 1st day of summer.  Wow is it hot today! This is the outside temp without the humidex added in, making it 42 degrees!!
 Squirrel is taking it easy, resting in his 'summer home', a wooden box beneath his batting home. I've been taking out cold grapes for him to snack on, he keeps swinging on his rope for nuts, silly little guy.
 Diesel pants on the kitchen stone floor, the AC is running non stop. Oh my, the hydro bill this month will be high --- for everyone!
Now then there's Boris, the sun worshiper, he loves heat & sun & has asked to be out frequently...just as he settles into his relax mode, I call him into the house. It's just too hot for man or beast today.
 Today, our neighbours are having their new roof installed. Wow those guys must be hot!

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