Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Renovations - Oh My!

 With Mitchell gone now, the renovations will begin to get the house ready to rent again. First to remove the beige carpet that has been there his he moved in 5 years ago. These photos are all in reverse, this the ending of the work. The floor underneath is not in good shape, so lamante flooring will be installed on top. I love the fireplace but the chimney needs mending, so it's just decorative for now. 
 Boris doing his walk through. The kitchen is at the far end with an open concept design.

 Nicholas bringing in some fresh air.
 Standing in the kitchen, looking at the living room.
 The kitchen table heaped with stuff, oh my the work ahead of us.
 The kitchen, rather galley like. The ceramic floors just need the grout whitened.
 Grout cleaning in the bathroom too.
 Notice the whole in wall, Diesel was a bit bored waiting for Mitch to come home & put in a total of three holes. Those are now patched & ready for sanding & probably more mud too.
 The beige bedroom carpet has since been removed & new carpet will be laid. With the carpet out the flooring layout showed the two small bedrooms, one in green linoleum & the other in red. This is a long narrow room with a good closet.
 The living room at the beginning of the reno. Mitch's stuff to be organized for storage & shipping. That boy had a green thumb, his cactus  plants(by the fireplace) were thriving beautifully, the devils ivy was nearly dead, you could tell which plants needed water!
Nick cleaning up after Mitch. I have to laugh--as wee boys sharing a room, Nick through Mitch's things out of the bedroom  & there they sat in a heap, with Nick saying "He's just too messy", through time - the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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  1. Well you have your work cut out for you. It nice to do renovations when the house is empty. Looking forward to pictures of the new renovations. JB