Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mitchell's Departure for Calgary AB

Mitchell has begun his life out in Calgary AB. He has taken on the huge challenge of  living away, far away, from home & heading a new job in the elevator industry. With him now done Durham College in Toronto, we had him over to the homestead to present him with a graduation gift.  Last December when we were on the cruise (in the Carnival boat that stayed upright!)he saw a watch that showed all the workings through the front & back, he was also the penniless student & admired the watched & put it back. Bill & I decided it was the perfect gift 'of time' for him. We purchased the watch & held it for this occasion. Last year we also found a card that was so him, now was the time to bring everything together...

Later that Saturday night, Mitchell had his going away party at Crabby Joe's & I captured this picture of him, with his grandpa Ernie, his dad & brother Nick! a rare photo indeed. 
Mitchell left Monday morning on the 7am flight with his dad. I miss the tight hugs from my Boo Boo Bear already! ...he'll be home for Christmas, however I still have a heavy heart.  
I do have the grand-puppy Diesel to keep me busy till then!

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  1. Can you believe Mitch is working in the same place I did my field research in university? He has been posting photos on Facebook and it is a lovely place. Hard to belive it is the same person as the little blond toddler on a motorcycle in the 4 generation Richardson photo I have on my wall.