Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tiny Stitches

 I've been working on some embroidery these days. Small tiny stitches are needed & only one strand of floss to stitch with. This is a first for me, for something this delicate. Well, I guess the Alex Anderson's Noah's Ark is right up there too.  The blocks finish at 4", the same size of hoop I'm using! It will be a small hanging that will have sashing between the blocks & a toy border around it, finishing at 22" x 22".
 So cute the blocks are & they remind me of the Campbell soup kids. Those polka dots were fun.
 The stitch work is so small & compact, great to take to appointments while you wait. I'm onto my 3rd out of 9 blocks now.
Doesn't she look like on of those Campbell soup kids? Two other girlfriends are doing this project too. Bev & Lynn are at different stages & both of them do better embroidery than me. As I've heard,  "Theory will inform, but practice convinces."  This is a bit of a fun challenge for me.


  1. Such a tedious job. It reminds me of vintage drawings like years ago. It's going to look nice when you're finished if you don't go blind first, lol... Looking forward to your progress.

    I just came back from the vet with tiny Victoria as she constipated and it cost me over $83. dollars just for a visit and consultation. Unreal how much they charge.


    1. Wow, we had the same kind of day Julia! Boris & the cats were due for their annual shots, so off to the vet we went. Boris's gums looked light pink & the vet(a new one filling in for the regular)found that he also had a heart murmur & the chart stated he has 'pink' gums last year so, the fill in vet wouldn't give him his shots until blood work was done, so $38 for medical advice & $130 for blood work. Stunned I payed my $467 bill(cats shots included)& waited for the blood work, less than 24 hours later the call came & all was well, bring him in for his shots.Today I haggled my bill from $78 to $40plus HST, my regular vet was in. This has gotten to be quite the cash cow business! Us loving our animals are the ones paying the price & are at the mercy of our vets. Odd we both had the same experience, miles apart. Hope Victoria's feeling better.