Thursday, January 26, 2012

Temecula Mini Quilt

Such a cute little mini quilt, it measures 18'' x 22'', I did mine in the left over's from a Underground Railroad quilt I made a few years back. This is a free download pattern found on the Temecula Quilt Blog site, it's know as the '12 Days of Christmas' quilt, the 1st block is a one piece block, the 2nd is a two piece block, the 3rd a three piece block and  so on. It could be made in any colour theme & is fun to do, each block finishes at 3" so cute! Now if I could harness the energy to start that Dear Jane Quilt with Paulette, I'm so glad we are girlfriends that will grow old together---because we're going to need the time to make that quilt. : )
 I'm going to try hand at 'hand quilting' this little beauty, then add a dark brown & black fabric for the binding.

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