Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Vacation

What a wonderful Christmas Vacation we all had last week in the warm, sunny weather at every port, Nassau, Freeport, and Key West were all beautiful in their own way. My favourite was Key West & the bronze sculptured head casting of all those that made the islands history, freely displayed on the walking tour in downtown area.
This is what welcomed us upon arrival, it's in the center of the Carnival Fantasy. Bill ordered our rooms at the front of the ship--the very front of the ship, room M2 with the boys right next door in M4, all the food was serviced at the back of the boat. A lot of walking back & forth which probably helped with the maintenance of our weight, 3 pounds of 'float & bloat' was the average with all of us. The ice cream machine was available 24hrs & tasted just like DQ, we had one or two every meal, the taste of summer yum!
Our family portrait on Christmas Day

Christmas Day in the dining lounge
It was great having so much time with Bill and the family, everyday was a different event or port to visit.
Tea time with Aunt Alice, Mitch,Nick(taking the picture), & myself. Bill had tea- the 2nd time in 27 years he's had tea! he's a real coffee lover.

Trying to get the boys to cooperate for a photo was a real challenge, some really good shots were done with the professional photos. Once in our staterooms the laughter would begin, it was one of the best times I've had & smile now just thinking of the family fun that was had by all.
Every night our beds were turned down with a new towel animal & chocolates, made by our room stewart, a dinosaur, dog, crab, elephant, rabbit, & stingray. Nick & I spent time together learning these techniques & buying the book, making an elephant,dog, & swan, with just towels-such fun I can't wait to try this on over night guests.

Last night on the ship--tomorrow we all go back to land & reality, after all the ship is called 'Fantasy'
Charleston, South Carolina back in view, we were debarked and on the highway by 8am, excellent organized debarkation.
Our drive home begins...

I was bored on this 15 hour car ride & took photos of Bill driving & Mitch & Nick sleeping & of me :-)

I did manage to get some embroidery work done, but that's another posting!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you all had a great time. Aunt Alice said she enjoyed the warmth. Happy New Year.

  2. Oh Cynthia, what a GREAT Christmas vacation. Thanks for sharing. I can only dream of going on such a nice family vacation.

    I love the family pictures and those animal towels. Just so cool and you are very beautiful. Wishing you a Happy New year. JB

  3. Julia I smile just seeing your name, your so positive & kind with all the comments. Thank you for your kind comments. A saying that I've taught my boys as they started dating. "Look not for beauty, nor the whiteness of skin but look for the heart that is loyal within. For the beauty will fade & the skin will grow old but the heart that is loyal will never grow cold." This saying & the Serenity Prayer was on my mirror in the 80's & read daily as I was going through a change in my life.

  4. they are just great photos - you all look so happy healthy and beautiful -what wonderful memories!!!

  5. stupid thing made me create a blog before I could post a comment to yours - but at last i am able to write something