Monday, January 16, 2012

Last of the Warm Weather

I had the opportunity to travel with my husband Bill, to Clearwater Florida where he had elevator code meetings for the week. It's feast or famine when it comes to spending time with Bill & the last month has been a bountiful feast of time with him. Then sometimes it's months before even see him, for the moment it's been all worth it when I think of the time & memories we now have as I settle into winter, my worse season of the year.
This was the view for our Sherton Hotel at the Sand Key area, we walked the beach shoreline & began in that vast area which was all crushed shells--what a mistake going barefoot on that, wow I've got some soft feet, I did OK going to the shoreline as I wore my runners & took them off to have the waves hit my feet as we walked the shoreline...then coming back once we hit that open area as seen above, ouch. Bill kept saying it wasn't bad on his bare feet, I just kept thinking 'no sense-no feeling'but I wasn't going to put my sandy feet into my runners as those were used for walking my 1.5 miles on the treadmill. 
With this new year my goal is to shed some poundage, so exercise it is, like it or not & believe me I'm not a exerciser, more of a procrastinator! Let the game begin as the arthritis has been miserable in my lower back & hip, I know this weight gain doesn't help.
 This picture just doesn't show the beautiful colour & movement of the setting sun. I sure felt right looking at it though.

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  1. I'm glad that you had lots of quality time with your husband lately. I know the feeling of having a husband who is not always around, although he's around a lot more lately.

    Good luck shedding some weight. You can do it. Stay warm and safe. JB