Monday, January 16, 2012

Productive Day

Today is going to be a productive day!  I made a list of 'to do' last night, just so I'm not sidetracked. Diesel thought he would lie in the middle of the kitchen floor & I saw this a photo shot as he was right in the middle of the design. Back in 1996 I had designed this floor to be installed as a mat area inside the small work area which has all my appliances & cupboards around it. It's a small but functional kitchen, having the work triangle in a equal distance from each other, the stove & double sink are both on an angle with the fridge being the top of the triangle. So today was making the chicken stock & once that was simmering for the hours needed, I would being painting the curtain rod pieces. Diesel got bored watching me paint, I did have his attention when the stock pot was being filled, then left for his crate while I painted all the wooden rings, finials, & rod.

17 rings to paint, I did a project like this last year for the parlour & dining room drapes, so the tension rod was installed to hold the rings from twist ties.
Multi-tasking with the broth on the left & rings & finials getting done now : )
1st coat of colour has been added, this afternoon or tomorrow morning, I'll do the 2nd coat. The rod was a mahogany colour, the same as the finials & the rings were 2 different wood colours--now everything coordinates in the soft Aura cloud white colour.
Last Saturday was the one day sale at Fabricland & new curtain fabric was needed as the old fabric once I washed the cream cotton, 16 year old fabric it was colour faded & sun bleached, showing its age. It will work for another project in the future, maybe being tea or coffee stained for a primitive project or cut & crotchet into a cotton rug, loads of fabric as it was originality 2 harvest table cloths, durable fabric with the length that I needed at the time. 
 The sale was great, after scanning all the decor fabric, Bill & I found a vertical stripe in a soft grey satin & plain design & was on for  only $5.44 a meter which was good as I needed 12 meters, the shirring was 1/2 price too! Yes for $86 dollars(including tax!) I have my floor to ceiling drapes with the matching drapery hardware that was painted today! Yes a productive day.
Now the measuring for the be continued.

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  1. Cynthia, I'm impressed that you are painting your curtain rings and finial. I don't know that I would have thought of that. The black rug pattern in the kitchen looks marvelous.
    I hope that you'll post a photo when you hang your new curtains. JB