Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Our East Coast Canada Day & Alberta Bound Kids

What a whirlwind weekend!
Around 8 pm, Bill & Nicholas arrived safely from Ontario.
 And I hear the turn of the vehicle...

 They're getting closer...
 And their here!
 Safe & sound, with another trailer load of London stuff!

 Nick & Bill undo the sway bars so the trailer can turn & be parked.

 Now to park the trailer for unloading.

See the dent in the trailers bottom corner? That was a moose mishap in Plaster Rock, on the 108 highway. Very lucky man!
 Before the sunset that night, Bill replaced the old flags with these new ones. He said he wanted to see them flying next morning, July 1st - Canada Day,  with his morning coffee.

 And to celebrate 150 Canada Day!

What would happen later that night, would shock me!

Around 11 pm, I told Bill & Nick that I had to go to bed. I washed up & getting ready to put my mouth guard & go to bed.
Bill came in & said, 'Someone just came up the drive.' I was so tired, I told him to ' Deal with it.' He refused & insisted that I put on my housecoat & go to the door. Fine!
I went to the door & opened it to see a large Ford truck at my steps. I started to see who it was, when I relized it was our middle son, Mitchell,  from Alberta!!!
He wanted to drive across Canada on this special weekend, Canada's 150th & his parents' 30th Wedding Anniversary. But he wanted to surprise me & that he did!!
I'm so glad that it was not recorded as there was a lot of 'in shock, swearing!'
What a wonderful surprise Mitchell!! He, Nicole, & their fur kids, Lois the pitbull  & Diesel the Siberian Husky, drove for 5 days across Canada, to achieve the shock & awe from me! It worked!
I'm so happy that in 5 months I will have them again for Christmas in Hardwicke!

 Well, Bill had his morning coffee & enjoyed his flag flying, till Mitchell presented him with a pair of flags for our Anniversary. Baxter & Bridget went down near the shore to help him with the changing of the flags.

 So it was down with the old & up with the new!

 Bridget spots her heartthrob, Diesel Llyod, the neighbourhood dog, from next door.

 Thank you, Mitchell, I will take another photo when the winds change. lol

What a wonderful way to start the Canada Day celebrations!  The flags flying, are great!

 I made some chocolate chip, bran muffins for everyone, that morning.

 Bridget has turned into a real lap dog & enjoys seeing everything from a lap height. Diesel was use to Boris the Boston but now he was seeing double with the pups! lol

 Bridget & Bill, having his morning coffee.

 Mitchell William with his morning coffee & a huge happy destination smile! XO

 It didn't take long before he was out on the tractor mowing what lawn was there.

 He & I did the sowing of this lawn a few years ago & it will get topsoil this week & hopefully the grass seed will take as well as last time.

 Baxter-Loree & Bridget-Loree in their Canada scarves!

 The family together for Canada Day breakfast, lots of red & white!

 Diesel was always in the same place, I sat at the end & would talk to him. I think he remembers me. He did his howl of 'I lov u'.

 The puppies sat on their deacons bench & watched the large, lively family. Bridget is looking sleepy, their routine was upside down. lol

 Please, just a taste? OK...

 Then Lois relized, yumm me too! lol
What a wonderful Canada Day!

 Michell had his own ideas for Canada Day, that would include a fire on the beach. He's his father's son, Bill has to have a fire every Christmas Day on the beach!

 And a Canada Day Beach fire he had!

 Gathering up the driftwood, he found this decoy that had washed ashore. It's a beach duck as it has too many holes to go in the water. lol

 Nicole walking the furry kids on the beach.

 Lois & Diesel, taking Nicole for a wee jog! lol

 Low tide, you can see the green seaweed by the water. The fire was a nice touch that evening.

 Diesel has to be the most beautiful Siberian Husky, that I've ever known.
 His temperament is just as beautiful. He is a quite loving dog & loves his owner Mitchell so much.
 Love, love, love, the flags!

 Our Alberta Family, Nicole, Mitch, Lois, & Diesel. Stay safe & have an enjoyable trip back! lol

 10 days of driving, just for a few days with us. Boy, I love you guys! XO

 I dressed Diesel in a red bow, just to show his Canadian side. He was still wearing it when he left this morning! lol
 Bill taking a picture of me taking a picture of him! He came to the beach in his PJ's & slippers!

 He came down to the shore to see what we were all up to, too much fun by the fire!

 Nick even came down to see what we were doing. Now we're all together ion the beach. :-)

 The sun is setting & the fire looks great! Mosquitoes are coming out to feast on us though.

 Bill started taking photos from the other direction.

 The evening closed in quickly after the sunset.

 Diesel was enjoying the cool sand on the shore.

 The lone doggy! Then it was back to the house for a few fireworks that Mitchell had brought with him from Alberta. The finish to a wonderful day, after the huge surprise day... could it get any better?!
Yes it could! Mitch & Nicole decided to stay one extra day with us! Bonus time!!
 Bridget (yellow life jacket) & Baxter (orange life jacket)are getting ready to go to the shore.
Love the handles on the top of the jackets! You can carry them like luggage. lol

 The flags were blowing freely in the wind & the right direction from land! lol
Oh, Canada!

 The afternoon trip to the beach was so much fun for the dogs & us!
 The puppies were not too sure of the water & stayed on the shore.

 Nicholas took the pups into the warm shore water. They still were not too sure of it. lol
How handy are those jacket handles?!! 

 This was Diesel's 2nd time in the Miramichi Bay. He was not too sure either! lol

 Lots of dogs on the shore that night, no worries, we're all  responsible dog owners. Some dogs roam free & Nicole & I have been picking up after those dogs too! If you have a pet, be responsible!!

 Bill is coaching Baxter to have fun in the water. He will get use to the water, this is his 1st summer.

                                           Such a backyard to have at your reach!

 Nicholas is coaching Bridget into liking the experience of water.

 Bridget would not let Baxter run freely, she was always pulling on Baxter's jacket.

 Photos for your viewing...

                                                    Bridget looks like a drowned rat! lol

 It was a excellent day at the beach. Then we all came up & sat on the deck & had ice cream. ;-)

 Today the laneway was widened by three feet & crushed,  black stone was put down.
 We also had to have the side culvert lengthened, for this road growth.
 Bill joined in with his chainsaw to help cut down the trees to help widen the driveway.
The potting shed was also moved today. Those photos will follow. You must be on overload, looking at so many pictures. All happy smiling faces!!
 Damn!! I had the wrong lens on for the going away pictures ...

 As everyone left smiling, this morning to be...

                                                                     Alberta Bound!

                                    Drive safely, my precious cargo. I miss you already! XO

This has been such a great weekend & the week still has Bill & Nick with me!
Then Donald & his family will be arriving in two weeks. What a fast fun summer this is going to be!

Have fun, this summer week, wherever you are! I'll show the new dog run next post! The puppies are going to be so happy to be free & safe to run.


  1. Hi Cynthia, you are so patriotic, it's heart warming.... wow, what a great surprise to mark Canada 150th birthday and did you say your wedding anniversary too. Happy Anniversary.

    Oh my, that Diesel is such a beautiful dog. He really looks like a show dog. I'm so glad that you had your family with you for Canada Day. It's so wonderful to have a nice beach in your backyard. The puppies looks so well behaved. They will learn to love swimming in the water. I bet they were so tired.

    It's been a very busy week for me and I need a good sleep. I've been tie some loos ends in the garden and around the yard and i started clipping the much neglected spruce hedge that neither my son or husband want to tackle. I got one section done and I sam pacing myself but I've been out weeding till dark when there's no rain. Today was a stellar day with a nice breeze.

    Enjoy your men while you can.
    Take care and have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Wow, wonderful pics, I love Alberta.

    Freya, UK