Monday, July 24, 2017

Savouring Summer With Sewing!

Right now on the northeast coast of the Atlantic, summer is beautiful here!

                                    And the colours of the blooming flowers just sing in the garden!

 The Hydrangea is in full bloom now & I've removed a dozen blooms for drying!

 The one surviving Lavender plant is heavenly to walk by & I always take a deep breath. :-)

These crazy blooming Geraniums have not stopped blooming since last year. This is the plant that was wintered in the exercise room all winter. The pink is so pretty to look at with the gray surroundings.

Bill installed the small water fountain on the front porch, I just love the sound of the water softly falling.

 The railings should be getting installed soon. They will be black aluminum, matching the front porch railings.
                                     The view is gorgeous from the new deck,  how summery is this?!!

 These are my Dollar Store Oriental lilies & they're in bloom with a sweet scent from them.

With more blooms to come! I'll transplant them after they're all done blooming on the back deck.

The Potting Shed is starting to come together again & all the garden is establishing well too. The bushes on the corner are Forsythia's & will look great next spring with the yellow blooms!

The Puppies Are Seven Months Old Now!!

 These two still fill my day but having their morning & afternoon naps & their playtime outside, I've been able to get a few more things done.

 Bridget has grown into a 17-pound dog! Her ears are now upwards & I think it gives her a bit of a bat like, look to her face. lol, I was removing clothes from the clothesline & placed the 'ironing things' on the bistro chair, Bridget thought it was for her! I had to remove the cushions as they would shred them! Teething & tug of war are the two favourite pass times right now.

Baxter is a good 21-pounds now & his ears are still soft on the top & roll over with the breeze. He is getting better at commands & is starting to understanding me when I talk to him. But they're still very lively Terriers with so much energy, right now,  he listens better than Bridget!

Some Sewing Time!

For the granddaughter,  I made two of these bottoms with a matching camisole. She loves it!
The fabric is cuddle satin, satin on the outside with a soft flannel on the inside, perfect for PJ's.

Her Dad told her how I use to make 'track shorts' for him in the 70's. She had on a pair of Under Armour 'track shorts', what's old is new again! So I modified the shortie PJ pattern to be changed to track shorts. Over 30 yrs ago, I made Donny so many & had a hard time thinking about how I did it. What's that saying? 'Good Memory, Not Long.' lol

The Laundry Room

 I finally got the roman shade made for the laundry room & Bill installed it for me.

 I also made the clothes pin holder to coordinate with the room.

 The morning sun was becoming very intense, making this little room heat up. The blackout lining that a neighbour brought by for me was just enough for the shade & door curtain. Thank you, Deb!

 I used Velcro on the tie back & a magnetic rod to hold the curtain in place.
This was the fabric that I just had to have & it was nowhere to be found in the GTA. Mitchell brought it to me from the Calgary IKEA!

 The Burlington IKEA did have the coordinating rug though! And it was a perfect fit to the floor area!

 And the dressing room is located right off the laundry room, so the transition has a great flow with the rhythm of the laundry room window fabric.

 I wanted summery pillow covers in the sun porch & came upon this fabric I purchased a few years back. It reminded of Europe with the beach changing rooms.

I closed the backs with Velcro & had both made in a morning, whilst the puppies took their nap!

Visiting a girlfriend today, she sent me home with this lovely 2005, painted stone from Escuminac. Marva your painting talent, is one I'm so glad to have to enjoy. Thank you!

Pat, look what I found in one of the moving boxes! I have the antique, 1910 doll sitting in Nick's old rocking chair, on the stair landing.  The shoes are somewhere, maybe it's the bottom of the box, I found him in. So much needs to be unpacked & organized.  Maybe a retirement project for you?
The highchair that he use to sit in is downstairs in storage. The chair will come up again when babies start again. lol

Well, I'm savouring the summer, it was 9C here this morning & then the sun warmed everything up.
I just love the lushness of everything. The new grass is starting to come up where the steel roof drops the morning dew.
Hope your summer is the time you're savouring, as this too will pass.

Enjoy your summer time with friends & family, wherever you are!


  1. Hi Cynthia, there is no end to you creative talents. Your new place is looking so well put together. Everything looks so nice even the dollar store Asiatic lilies. The puppies are really growing fast just like the time is going fast too. Can't believe that July has come and is on the way out.

    I had google email problem and I couldn't post on my blog or read my reading list or see who posted on their blogs and I lost all my contacts and their emails. The only thing I could access was my blog and people could still comment on my posts so I tried to comment on the blogs who had left comments on my blog but it was a long and tedious job.
    Finally after a few day after Christine my daughter arrived I asked her to see if she could get back what was lost. She a computer whiz and restored everything as it was. I will be posting as soon as I catch up with all my followers. A big jog to catch up.

    It's been super busy here with haying season and 7 new baby calves to take care along with the bigger ones and a house full of family visiting and celebrating my daughter Nicole's 51st birthday on July 25. We had a Christmas in July as Christine and her family are not coming this Christmas. It was a great family time. Christine is down for a month and is also spending time at the lake at my daughter Jackie's and her husband's cottage. I was so tired that I slept from 10:00am to 1:50 pm today.

    Take care and enjoy your beautiful gardens.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Luv Luv Luv the Spools fabric in your laundry room !!