Monday, June 26, 2017

Puppies Recovery Is Done & So Is My Quilt!

With all that puppy time I had with Baxter & Bridget, to make sure that they were not together & each one taken outside for the short walk...
I needed my own therapy time & that is with sewing. So the kingsize quilt was cut & sewn together & now will go to the longqrm quilter for quilting. Thanks Bev, owner of Edged Squared Quilting Studio, for answering all my quilting questions & giving me suggestions.

 I now have let the two play together on day 8,  but only till the panting would start...

 Baxter was so happy to have his soother, just to tease Bridget! He loved his 'hoarding cone' as she would not enter into it! lol

 The two 6 month old puppies, move so fast, that it's hard to get a good photo & wham their gone!

 Bridget takes in some alone time, she looks so tiny by herself on the Canada quilt that I made in the 90's, for Bill's first race on Route 66.

 She finally got the soother! Their teeth are still coming in & should finish in another 8 weeks.

 So till then, I give them all kinds of chewy things. Bill & Nick arrive on Friday & their last visit was one of chewed, till soaked, running shoes. lol

 I think Bridget wants a cone to hold her chewer's inside, she was always watching Baxter! lol

 The old Star Trek saying 'Wanting is more desirable, than having. Not logical but true.' Hmm cone?

More Canada Sewing

 I had 18 month old, Alexa's measurements, for a 'Fancy Dress' entry for the Napan Fair & just could resist sewing her a Canada outfit!

Alexa has a 4 year old Boston Terrier named, Rossco & he's getting a Canada Day scarf made to match Alexa's outfit, I now have his neck measurement.  I'll show a modeled photo in a  later blog. ;-)

 These two love to chew on recycled bottles, today it's a water bottle that is totally flattened!

                                                        Baxter doesn't share well with Bridget!

 Bridget enjoys chewing on the empty Club House vanilla container! Thank you Pat!

 I tightened the lid the best I can & she chews away. Teething toys from the recycle bin!

My King Size Horse Quilt

 I have since added a 6 inch grey border, the negative to the black/grey that outlines the center square.

 There's just something about a quilt on the line, with movement from the breeze & next to shore...
There's always a breeze!
 The quilt has another row behind the clothes pins. It is five across & four down. I made this pattern in February for the Valentine Day's quilt. It is fast & easy!

 This is the Ford Mustang logo. I love the horse & when I saw this horse fabric, that was all I could think of. I have retired from racing but still love the Mustang!

 The center blocks of the quilt. I'm also having this fabric quilted too, so I can make coordinating pillow shams.

A Funny Surprise!

 Everytime I would drive up the lane & could see the house, there were always birds flying off the porch. I thought this unusual but then I would park the car & the though was gone.

 Till I noticed a birds nest in my faux topiary tree! I moved the tree away from the front door as that's how I come & go with the puppies. The birds have not come back. ;-(

 I'm going to leave the nest in the tree just the same. It makes me smile that they even though of coming on the porch to make their home. I hope they have found another, less trafficked place.

 The Anniversary Garden has been blooming for weeks now. The Iris's & Lapin's look great!

 The evergreens need a trimming & more black mulch needs to be added. That will happen this weekend, now that Bill's home.

The Pups Are Tied Up!

 No cone & freedom! ...  on a long leash away. They have been going to the neighbours properties.

                             I keep them out front & they have the porch & shade if they want it.

 I was a little sneaky with them & put the walk lead on Bridget's leash. She has another three feet on Baxter, so she could do her business without him.

 She has figured this out & will run in front of him, only to have him stop short, in front of her!

                                                She knows his length  limit & hers is different.

 I've now noticed that she drops her chewies at her limit & Baxter cannot take them!

Bill has ordered some white fencing, so the puppies will have a safe place to play. The fenced in area will be off the laundry room porch. It will have two fenced gates attatched to it. I think it's going to look awesome! And they will be safe there as the foxes are moving around at sunset & very close to the house too! The cats are the ones to let me know if a fox is in the area! Watch Cats On Duty! lol

 Lazy afternoon for Mr. Boots. The thunderstorm is going on & he snores away! lol

 He' so happy & purring these days. I thought his weight would go down being in the big house rather than the small cottage but he's still 21.5 pounds. His resting weight! lol

 I love warm summer rains! It's Monday & there will be no mowing till Bill gets home this weekend!

You can see how the rain hit the screens on the sun porch. And there was thunder too.
This will help green things up even more! The topsoil could possibly be delivered this week too!
In between rains maybe as they're calling for rain all week!

Thought for the week ----  Worry is like a fast getaway on wooden horse.

Have a wonderful week, wherever yo are!

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  1. I'm so glad for you and the puppies that they are all healed from their surgeries and they are free to play around and I can tell, they are happy too. A nice fence will be awesome and will give you a bit of free time also. They are growing so fast.

    What a cute little girl outfit you made. I used to sew for the kids when they were young. I would stay up till midnight to work on their dresses, PJs and pants. I had lots of ambition then.

    I love your mustang quilt. Very classy.

    Enjoy the nice sunshine when you can.
    Smiles & hugs, Julia