Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1st - Hurricane Season Starts

The Atlantic hurricane season has started & will end in November. In that time 4 to 6 hurricanes should reach our area, that is the prediction.
Well today was a storm that was quite intense & loud with the thunder rolling over the water.
Here's some of the cloud formations, it was so odd to see them swirling in the sky, as the clouds were moving & lighting & thunder, rolling.
Midnight we're to have a bad system roll through, I don't like it when I can't see the storm.

                                                   The clouds were very heavy.

                             They were swirling, very slowly but you could see them moving...

                         It was bright out but white just shone against the storms back drop.

                                         The clouds through the great-room window.

                              Look at how calm the water is & the heavy clouds above.

                                       The clouds were different, everywhere I looked.

                                                Over the calm water, they just thickened.

                                       We were hit with wind & hail shortly after these photos.

 The clouds were becoming frightening to me, I have never seen such a sight & the storm that would follow was very intense. I looked up the weather & it showed that a bad front will be moving through around the midnight hour. Oh my, I'm guessing that we will be losing our power tonight.
It has been rainin heavy off & on since these photos... with more to come.

The wind was from the south, I'm so glad Bill has the flags up, I can see the direction of wind now.

Baxter & Bridget have been very playful & didn't mind the rain, when I put them out. So unlike Boris, he really didn't like to get wet from rain.

 With the teething that these two are going through right now, this puppy soother, with a bell in it, is their absolute favourite. And it's very hard to get a good pic of one of them with it in their mouth.

                                           As soon as one gets it, the other takes it! lol

 I started putting scarves around their necks, one I can make them from my fabric stash & two I can spay the scarves with mosquito repellent, to help keep those pests away. There are so many right now!! Black flies too!! Time to start wearing the hat with a net attached to it. I really dreading the next lawn cutting.

 I'm forever tying the scarves back on, these are made from Liz's boat cover scraps, very durable!

                      Bridget has had a growth spurt & is only 3lbs lighter then Baxter now.

 12 days till they are spaded & neutered, my poor puppies will slow down then. For 10 days they are to be walked on a leash & no running, lots of crate & down time.

                                My poor, poor baby but we do not want baby Boston's either!

Well it's few hours till the big storm, I hope it passes quickly. Ontario has had large thunderstorms too. I think this is the front they had.
On Saturday morning we are having our EBH Garden Club sale, I'll share with you after it is over.

Stay safe & enjoy the summer like weather, wherever you are!


  1. Hey some great shots of the canine kiddies and clouds!

  2. How did miss this post??? So sorry, sometimes I get behind and I miss one here and there. I alway try to get to them all and life happens. Life has been so busy and my housework is suffering.

    Sunday was nice here for a time and my husband and I were busy planting and working outside all afternoon until it was time for me to go to the barn. He planted tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and lettuce at the farm and I planted flowers and mowed the lawn.

    No sooner I entered the barn that the winds picked up and it rained heavy and then it hailed. Surprisingly it did very little damage.

    Those clouds looks very menacing.

    The puppies are so active and I can sympathize with you and them. Teething is a tough job but soon, it will all be behind. I love those big soothers. I can see why it's their favorites.

    Having the puppies neutered sure is necessary but certainly not a fun thing to go through.

    Smiles & hugs,