Sunday, May 28, 2017

Where Did This Month Go?!

This month has just flown by!
Baxter & Bridget have been very busy puppies & on occasion, I just wonder were the whole day went! They are now 5 months old & their personalities have shone through.
Baxter is always in denial & has no idea what I'm asking him, if it doesn't involve food! Bridget just has the look of, 'I've no idea but it must have been Baxter.'.
This is the way it is,
 whenever I ask, 'Who did this?!!'

 My dusting brush had been taken out of the pantry & the nautical jute rope rug has a good chewing done to it ... Who did this?!!

4 o'clock tea, I just went into the kitchen to boil a kettle & get a tea bag out of the pantry... my very expensive ball of yarn was pulled apart. Who did this?!!
It's like the terrible two's that I experienced with my young toddler's, way back when!
Oh, how I love 8pm, it's their bedtime & finally my 'me time' but I'm just too tiered from the day with them, to get anything done. There's no burning midnight oil any more. I do get many laughs from those puppies & Bill has a good handling experience with them, they have better manners now.
Far from perfect but really what is? A stuffed Boston Terrier but the puppies got a hold of the stuffed ones & shredded them too! lol

Elizabeth, presented this to me for Christmas & I've had it in the pantry. I enter that room so often that I have decorated it with things that make me smile, when I'm in there. It is so true with Baxter & Bridget, they love giving kisses!

 To each other, they are very affectionate. On the long weekend, Mike & Sara, from Nova Scotia,  were here for a long weekend visit.

                                            The pups tried really hard to behave themselves...

                                              But as the sign said... Beware of kisses! lol

 Sara wanted to play with the puppies too, Bridget's tongue just wasn't long enough to give her a kiss!

                             These pups are Whopper's, it takes two hands to handle these puppies! lol

Lots of love was going on that weekend... this was on top of the Chapman's ice cream, when we opened it to serve it! How sweet was that?!

Truck Load of Precious Furniture~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

With the arrive of the trailer last Saturday, a lot of new things entered the house. Rexton was into everything! She is a very odd Manx cat.

The two curio cabinets, that once were at each side of the fireplace in London, have arrived safely, all glass is installed & in place!  Minus one curious, Manx cat!

Namama's Louis XV couch has arrived & the granite coffee table, are now in place in the greatroom.

My favourite piece arrived, it is the grandfather clock, that Bill presented me with nearly, 25 years ago for our 5th wedding anniversary. I am so happy to have it with me again!

It fit perfectly where we thought would be best, in the greatroom by the stairs!

It is viewed as you come down the stairs & the sound is so soft,  here in this large room with  a 20ft ceiling. The sound travels out & up, sounding so soft, so different then the London home it once started its life in. This clock has only stopped once on its own & that was the exact time my 86 yr old girlfriend died. It did not need a winding, it just stopped with her last breath. It reminded all of us in the house of that old grandfather clock song. I loved the poem that came with the clock, A time to live, a time to die. A time to laugh & a time to cry. And more... I'm so happy that we are reunited again! It gives the house such a soft 'heartbeat'. I love the Westminster chimes on it, I've tried the St. Micheal's chime but none of were liking it, the Westminster chimes it is!

The upstairs mezzanine has a cozy vignette that I was able to take a photo of with Rexton the cat off of the chair. This is one of her favourite spots, the puppies are not allowed to the second story.

More cabinets were added into the stain glass studio, thank you Mark! It's really coming together. Now with the elevator working, moving about 2,000lbs of glass into this room, will be easier! lol

Bill installed the flags & purchased the 150th logo one for Canada's birthday, I'll show that flag when the time gets closer.

Namama's walnut cabinet survived the Plaster Rock trek. Her furniture has come from far away, it crossed the ocean from Hungary in 1955. It now is at home in the dining area.

The walnut cabinet fits in the cove area & adds warmth to the stainless steel & granite.

Curio cabinet one was moved to the dining area, it just looked too dark & small next to the large mirror. So the Billy bookcase shelves were moved there, making a very good choice for the curio's.

Curio cabinet two, fit were the white cabinet was, you can see it on the left of the picture. The kitchen is an IKEA kitchen, so the Billy bookcases were a perfect match!

The dining area takes on a new expanded look with the patio door to the sunporch. The two dark curio's balance the room with the walnut cabinet on the back wall. I'm so happy everything is fitting in as it should.

This is the kitchen's new look with the white Billy bookcase units in it.
The blue & white dishes have now replaced the Friendly Village dishes. Oh summer, bring it on!

The counter looks really nice with nothing on it but then, life happens! lol

The green grass & water can be viewed from the dining area. I'm so glad not to look at all the white!

A Hoarder Among Use~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stop thinking of me & my sewing! lol

I cleaned outed Baxter's crate because the door would not close anymore...

                          The more I pulled on something, something else would come with it!

 The cushion Baxter is sitting on & protecting from my pulling out & vacating all his 'things', is what he started with, that & his teddy bear. The rest was taken in by this hoarder! lol

 Bridget is having a talk with Baxter, her crate is neat & tidy, nothing like her brothers! lol

We were all at the vets last Thursday & the date of June 13th has been set to have the surgeries of neutering & spaying. The vet said it would be best to get them done together as they would need 10 days of nothing & to have one out running around would not be good for the other. To have them both done would be easier on them & me. Oh my, Bill will be in China at that time too.
The vet is nervous that Bridget my come into her first heat before her surgery but we're all having our fingers crossed. The puppies will be 6 months on the 19th of June. We are cutting it close but I have a feeling everything will be all right.

Sorry for such a delay in posting, it has been busy & with Bill & Nick here for such a wonderful week, time did really fly by! Not to mention those puppies! lol

Summer is coming to the north east coastline, my tulips are now going to open. I'll take some photos to show how late we are with our spring. It is still cool here too, last night was 2C, tender plants are not ready to be planted yet. Grass was cut for the first time, thank you Nicholas & Mike!

A hardy zone 4b here, one that you could preserve yourself in! lol

Have a great week, wherever you are! Wishing you health & happiness!


  1. Wow, your place looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine. So beautifully done. It has the look of luxury.

    I'm glad that you're looking after those two busy puppies. Oh my, they would have me beat for sure. lol. But they are so cute...

    I've cut the grass twice and it needs to be cut again. Some of my early tulips have finished blooming but the majority are still in full bloom at the moment. And oh yes, the mosquitoes have returned...

    I hope that you can relax a bit this week now that your beautiful furnitures have arrived and has found a home in your house.

    Take care and have a great week.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Rexton in the curio cabinet - too much fun - too cute! Just like a cat.

  3. What a beautifully designed home this is! I would be so nervous having such a gorgeous home along with the playful puppies. I love the brick look in the interior of the home, that has always been something I have wanted. Perhaps when I finally get a home of my own this can be achieved!

    Franklin Stewart @ Muller Exteriors