Friday, December 23, 2016

The Eve of Christmas Eve 2016

We are now moved into the Hardwicke House & family has arrived!

Christmas sewing for the granddaughter is finished & wrapped & put under the tree.

Madison's housecoat has images of her dog Chunk, the English Bull dog all over it!

                                        How sweet would Chunk look dressed up in PJ's? lol

I enjoyed sewing garments, I've not done any in a long time. This is the side button, to the side of the housecoat.
                              I plan on doing more garment sewing in the New Year! :-)

Tommy & Rexton  snuggled together by the fire box. I think Rexton is missing Boris Loree, I know I am.

                                      Rexton reaching out & touching Mr. Boots.

                                               Tic Tac Toe... three cats in a row! lol

How  sweet is she sleeping?!

Mr. Boots thinks so too... if she would only stay that way, till he's done his nap. lol

Bill & Nick arrived on Saturday & just in time to move the snow out of the lane way.

Nicholas had fun with my camera, playing with the light & shutter speed.

                                In this photo you can really tell that there's 1,400 LED lights!

Nick did get some good shots of my Scarlet O'Hara figures, here's Scarlet in her green party dress.

Rhett & Scarlet, this green dress makes me think of Carol Burnett & her skit of the green dress made from drapes, complete with rod! lol

Scarlet's blue dress, this is one of my favourite dresses from the movie.

And yes, another, love the black & white dress. I just love the costume styling that was done for this movie. In the 90's we were in Atlanta doing a trade show & I went to the Margaret Mitchell Museum. Wow the history & of the writer & the movie set & costumes used, was one of the most enjoyable days I will never forget!

Hoe enchanting of a couple are they?!

                                              How sweet is Katie Scarlet O'Hara?

See the bracket on the right that Bill made & he & Nick installed?
The old mezzanine was not supported correctly & now is! 

                                  Eldest son Donny playing with the shooting range.

Donny with the tractor being used to balance his gun.

                                                Nicholas taking his turn with his shot.
Donny checking out the tomato paste can for hits.

Aunt Alice, from Montreal, also took in the afternoon sun. Notice some of the black railings that have been installed? The step railings & end of porch railings, are on order.
Nick teaching his niece Madison, for the first time,  how to shoot & handle a gun.

                             These two look like something out of a James Bond movie! lol

A father & daughter Kodak  moment. :-)

Donny enjoyed watching Madison with her knew activity, one of which she is very good at!

More moving was done this week with the help of the boys being home for Christmas. There was fun outdoor activities to do too.

A Surprise This Week!

 I was looking out the kitchen window, thinking how cool it would be to see a seal outside!

                          was not a seal... it was a fox! It's the first one I've seen this year.

It has been such a wonderful time this week with the family arriving this week & being home for Christmas! Tomorrow we'll take in the Christmas Eve church service in Bay du Vin, then have our family, Hungarian Christmas dinner of salads & fish. Wonderful festivities!

Merry Christmas to you!!

Thank you for stopping in for a visit & stop in again. I know it's a very busy time of year for everyone & a New Year just in another week!!
Where does the time go?
It is said that time goes fast when your having a good time,.. I'm having a wonderful time, it is a wonderful life!

Cheers & Merry Christmas,


  1. Your sewing is so professional Cynthia, your niece will be so pleased.
    I love those vintage figurine on that tall tree. The tree looks impressive. I'm glad everyone is there for Christmas to enjoy the new house.

    The weather has been great here too and the grandkids made a snowman and a snow dog with mom's help. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas.

    Take care and stay safe and well for the Holidays.

  2. Thank you Julia for your kind words & I'm wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas & all the Very Best in the New Year of 2017!