Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

 Jocelyn borrowed her husband Donny's truck, to take me into town to get this beautiful 9 foot Christmas tree, from Canadian Tire. And am I glad she did because the box would not have easily fit in my Ford Escape!
 Jocelyn helped me open the box & we were off to the races setting up the Christmas tree!

 It was clearly labeled 1,2,3,4 & the stand, that was it! Easy to assemble & I know that Jocelyn had done it before as she had the stand already set up as I was laying out the bubble wrapped, numbered pieces.

 Jocelyn placing the first of the four pieces in place.

 Mr Boots did not want in on the action, he was just curious to the afternoon assembly. lol

 First piece in place & plugged in to see some of those 1400 LED lights!

 The base has a 70" circumference, so we auditioned the positioning of this beauty!
 The second was added & pulled apart, then the third was add & we enjoyed each addition to this tree!

                 Yes the fourth tier was taller than the entry area in the great room!

 I could stand on the stairs & pull the branches into place. Rexton was curious too, see her on the top landing?

                                  Please don't get any ideas about jumping into this tree!!

 Branches are all fluffed out & now it's ready to decorate! Jocelyn had other commitments & I was on my own again. I love to decorate, so I was in my element!

 It was a beautiful tree with all those LED lights. I liked how the manufacturer use two types of material, the original type of branches, that I knew from years ago & now the plastic tips, that add a real likeness to the real thing!

                    And now the decorated tree awaits for the family to arrive for Christmas!

 My sewing room is getting better order to it everyday. I have my sewing area to work at now...

 And I've set up a ironing station at the other end of the room. I want to get up & walk to & from it, to keep up with the Fitbit walking of 10,000 steps a day.

 I've started the Christmas stockings for the family arriving in a couple of weeks. Santa already knows that their coming! lol

 The backing is one of my favourite Christmas scenes. I've been doing meandering on the backs.

                         Is this not one of the nicest woodland scenes for Christmas?!
It also has the metallic gold accents in it too! Yes one of my favourites & now it's in the 2016 Christmas stocking collection!

                   This years tree looks like the one in the fabric from the photo above!

Oh Christmas Tree!

 Look what was installed today! Thank you Mark & your helper, I love my new front steps!

It does make the house look more inviting with a place to step up & enter!

 The Golden Age Club has started its own quilting day on Wednesday's 10:30am-2pm.
Leola is heading it off beautifully, her is a kit that see put together for us & I made mine up already.

I tried outlining the holly to lose the looseness of the beige fabric, I undid it & will try some tighter meandering on it. Hope I get the look I'm after as I love the traditional pattern of the holly!

Deb, my friend,  I can't put this wee hanging out without thinking of you! And that gorgeous quilt with all 12 blocks embroidered... maybe next year I'll have one of my own! lol
The brass table cleaner was my good friend Edie's & fond memories linger, she passed over in 1994.

Thank you for stopping in & I hope that the Christmas spirit & all those angels that are now around us & not with us, fill the air with peace & happiness. All is calm, all is bright!

I found this saying that I had written down..  'Choose the good not the easy.'
I think I must have written it down for my life style of better eating!!

Peace & Happiness To All.



  1. Wow, your tree looks beautiful. My old tree is still in the box in the garage. I love that beautiful fabric for Christmas stocking. You must have quite a collection by now.

    Everything looks so festive at your house already.

    Peace and Happiness in this Holiday season.

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