Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Stockings Are Hanging...

We've had snow this week & lots of it!

 When I look into my backyard, I can no longer tell where the water & land meet! Everything is a white winter wonderland.
 The trees are the only landmark left after the winter storms this week. I'm so glad to have evergreens to look at, when everything else is so white! :-)

More trees in the backyard, our backyard is shore side & I miss not seeing the water & the tide coming in or going out. This will be my first whole winter here in New Brunswick & with the sewing studio all set up, I'm having a great sewing time these days!

With three family members joining us for Christmas this year, that meant three more Christmas stocking to make, for the family arriving this Christmas.
Christmas stockings are a huge part of our Christmas. Those who 'believe' in the spirit of Christmas will find something to eat, something to read, & something to play with, in their Christmas stocking on Christmas morning.

 I made six Jim Shore stockings, last year & thought by only doing half that amount, this year,  it would be an easy task...

 No it wasn't as the pattern given was altered several times by me! As I created what I thought the stockings should be. Now that saying 'Good memory, just not long!' What did I do last year? ...

                             Here are three new stockings, just as the pattern had instructed.
And here is granddaughter Madison's stocking.
To each stocking & added their personalized cuff & lined the inside with soft flannel.

 My new sewing room has been a busy one, since I've moved in & still, there's more to make for Christmas. A housecoat, that has been cut out & now needs to be sewn together & a quilt still needs its binding added & sewn. Then those new ideas & old ideas to materialize into a finished product.
Look to the right of this photo, see the wicker basket?

 Rexton is sound asleep inside the basket on her kitty quilt.

When she is more awake, she sits on the back of my sewing chair & somehow stays balanced as I wheel around!
Today she needed her nap time. 

 Here is the checkered stocking & this is what it looks like before the template is placed on it & it's cut out into the shape of the stocking.

This is the back all pressed in the right direction.

 One & one half inch blocks are all brought together! This is a fun checker pattern to do!

Then the stocking is cut out, batting & backing are added & it is quilted

 The same is done to the back of the stocking, then after the name is appliqued onto the cuff, the cuff is then added. The the binding is placed around the stockings outer edge & sewn by machine, then by hand.
These truly are my labour of love for each person for Christmas. XO

I put the Christmas quilt on the bed today & I just love how it looks!

                         The quilt fit on top of the queen sized bed - like it was made for it!

                                     The Christmas stockings are done... and hung!

            It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas & Bill & Nick will arrive home this Saturday!

Playing with scraps~~~~~~~~
 I made these with the left over fabric from the Reindeer Prancer quilt. And I'm glad I was playing with my camera to see if I wanted the centers in red or the cremes! See the problem square?!!

 See the red strip, in the creme center? I kept looking at & knew something was off but what?!

Problem fixed! I had added the red strip to the wrong end. Something I'm sure every quilter has done at some time in their sewing. lol
Love having the camera to let me see through the lenses eye!

Thank you for stopping by for this visit today.

I hope that the Christmas 'spirit' is finding its way to you!

It feels good to be home!
Stop by for a visit to the Hardwicke House on Christmas Day between 1pm-3pm.
We are having a bonfire on the beach Christmas Day with our family & friends.
That means you if your reading this & your in the NB area!

Christmas wishes from Cynthia!


  1. I love that gorgeous quilt on the bed. Wow, you have been busy sewing. So much on the go.

    We have lots of snow here too this December. It looks like winter is really here to stay.

    Take care and stay safe and warm.

  2. you never stop!!!! love the quilt, it's just perfect...and the stockings, love that you showed the back of the checkerboard, so much put so much into everything you do, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. will see you soon

  3. OMG - the work in those stockings is amazing - they will be cherished. And I love the look of your sewing room - I have one to match.