Friday, October 28, 2016

No Halloween At The Hardwicke House

There is work still being done & too much still, to have it completed, by October 31st, for Halloween.

 The kitchen walls have been painted. You can see the tan area, between the lower cupboards.

The dining area has wall colour & has the look of my go to colour of Benjain Moore - Manchester Tan. The granite counter & back splash should be ready for install next week.

Then the plumber can come & install the sink & dishwasher in the kitchen & the vanities in the bathrooms. Oh the stained glass area needs to get its counter on & the sink needs to be cut into it & the plumbing added. The two laundry tubs need some plumbing too. Oh Mark, your going to be a very busy plumber, when you arrive in Hardwicke! lol

 The foyer & hall, slate tiles, have been completed & still need a wash & then the sealer will be applied.

 Alvin, is finishing the washing of the grout. I really like the way the floor looks when it is wet, the colour is black & rich. True slate has such a grey tone to it, some of the tones darker than others & no sheen to the texture.

              The closet areas & the basement stairs area have the slate tiles too.

 The upstairs mezzanine, has been capped with the wood & the slate has begun to be installed. I love the diagonal look to the slate tiles. :-)

 The grout lines are done at a 1/8" distance, between the tiles. The grout width has such a different look than the 1/4" grout lines of London, an installation of years ago. Slate is such a durable tile!

I ordered the glass railings yesterday & that will take a few weeks to get done as well. The railings will probably be the last of the trades.

                               A look at the wet foyer floor from the top of the mezzanine.

 The guest bathroom has now been painted & awaits the install of the toilet & vanity.

 The sunny blue days have left us for awhile & the heavy dark clouds, let us feel that days are changing & winter is coming.

                           The sun would peak through & then the clouds would hide the sun.

 It was a very heavy cloud today. Tomorrow is going to be rain, so I plan on doing some sewing. :-)

I've been feeding the birds & so many blue jays come for a feed. Pigeons, chickadees, crows, & many other types of birds, entertain the cats, as they peer through the patio door.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. I hope you have a great weekend!



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  2. Deleted last comment as I thought of more to tell you ;)

    Hardwicke House is looking good, bet you're getting more excited as it gets closer to moving time! I have 2 more weeks 'til retirement and I can't wait!!
    Met my new grand nephew Friday night - he slept through the whole thing. Am taking his Fancy Foxes to the quilter today - if it stops raining!