Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hardwicke House Nears Completion

These are the most recent photos of the Hardwicke House, enjoy! Pinch me... I still can't believe that gorgeous house,  is my forever home!

First we'll pick up where we left off last post, with the Carroll Cottage.

The old steps were removed & the rotten wood replaced with new pressure treated wood for the new porch to attach to.

 Mitchell William had a fun time with the tractor, filling in the area with dirt from the backyard ditch.

          Nicole was right in there to help Bill & Nicholas with whatever needed to be done.
 Mitchell looks on at the basement window that needs to be covered & back filled with dirt.

 Now the delivery of the new porch, it was the one Mitchell made me a couple of years ago, for the Hardwicke House & the clothes line,  to hang my clothes from. Now it has a new purpose as a front door entry way, for the Carroll Cottage.

 I think Nicole wanted to ride on the porch too! lol
The boys were just having too much fun.
I was watching that their father didn't take out Lucy the Goose, on his journey with the truck pulling the trailer...with the porch deck on it with the  boys weight holding it down! lol
We really must entertain the area with their antics, I know they amuse me! lol

 Many years ago we use to help with floats in the Santa Claus Parade, I could not help thinking of that, when I saw the boys on the 'float'.
                            I ran behind, snapping pictures & yelling 'Wave to the people!'. lol

                      The porch deck is lowered into place. It looks so new on the old cottage.
                                                   Bill's truck is quite the Ford Workhorse.

 The weather was so beautiful that day too, I love the autumn in northern New Brunswick, it's the best season & no mosquitoes...well not as many anyway. Just about everyone had a bite somewhere.

 Notice the window is now gone? And everything is set in place for the installation of the porch deck.

 And it is in place. I did lose the tree that was out front, mitch took it to the backyard & replanted it in the weeded area. I hope it survives the winter & comes back in the spring.

                                               Patio stones & deck blocks are leveled out
 The lilac bush was spared with the new porch & the join to the old porch will be done in November when Bill returns, for now the porch is secure.

     Where Bill & Mitch are standing will be filled with a joining step down to the old deck.

 The Mustang cars were out of the garage for the day & I'm so glad that it's a large hoop laneway. It was such a wonderful day outside for everyone!

                                                Now for the stairs to get to the deck of the porch.

                                                                          A little too high...

                                          Do they take the cut of  the shortening off the top ?

                                                        Or do they cut it off the bottom?
No worries, because it was measured twice then cut once & the stairs were installed. Thank you everyone for this wonderful, new to the cottage installation.

A New - Feral  Kitty Cat

 I've had this feral cat visiting, since Thanksgiving. It comes to the side porch & I feed it whatever is left in the fridge in the form of meat. Last night Nicole & I had a stew with veggies & I gave it some of the leftovers. The cat was so hungry & grateful, it ate every little bit up!
It comes in the morning for a feed & in the evening for a feed. It's getting use to me but I cannot get close to it yet.

Hardwicke House Today

 The small chandelier has been installed in the hallway, outside our bedroom & exercise room.
I love how its shadoe plays on the wall, when the lights are on.
This one matches the one in the great room.

                   Bill's washroom has colour on the walls & the slate floor is being installed.

 My washroom is nearly done. The glass wall was measured this week & the shower curtain is on a tension rod for easy removal.

 The IKEA Pax units were on the weekend & soon I'll go to start organizing that room.

                                                      Every unit fit in beautifully!

 The master bedroom has turned into a holding area for pictures, lamps, & furniture.
Notice the dust on the shelves, this house is misery for for me as I have an allergy to dust!

                        The bed looks so much better with the proper size mattress on it!

 The hallway has all the doors installed now! The painting & slate floor need to be installed yet.

 The stairs need to be capped in oak & stained. The glass & chrome railing have been measured & we're awaiting for the quote from the company with a time line for the installation.

 The downstairs powder room has the toilet working, thanks to Bill last weekend when we stayed there. The vanity top & taps will be installed when the kitchen has its sink installed into the granite.

 The kitchen island will have its granite installed on Monday! Then the sink & dishwasher will be able to do its duty, to help me clean the dust & grime off everything.

                                   A view of the kitchen from standing at the pantry area.

                                               A view of the kitchen from the dining area.
 The kitchen cabinets are installed & await the granite tops between the stove that will be installed.
Bill needs to order more drawers from IKEA, for the right lower kitchen cupboard.
There will be granite installed as the back splash, after the horizontal pieces are installed on Monday.
New laser measurements will be taken & it will enter the que of being made at Precision Countertop in Moncton NB.

 We can now see the old pine floor! It was measured & quoted & will be refinished in January or February. The stairs will also be done at that time.
The chandelier on the floor, wrapped in plastic, is the same as the large one in this photo. The hallway & foyer have to be painted before it can be installed. This Restoration Hardware chandelier has a chrome like finish on it, to match the detailing in that area of the house.

                              Oh the fun I'm having organizing this room! I can't wait to live here!!

 The elevator shaft, in the foyer area, looking down to the garage & basement.

 The elevator shaft, in the foyer area, looking up to the second floor.

 Looking at this photo I just couldn't capture the feel of the hall coming together. It is coming together! Maybe once the paint goes on the walls & doors, it will have a more finished look.

 The studio is really having a wonderful feel to it. The stain glass wash tub is in position now.

 The lower kitchen cupboards are in the right position & are awaiting for the uppers. The laundry room's tub will be put back down stairs. Oops. lol

                                                  The glass doors have been installed too!

         This was the view today, upstairs looking out the middle of the stained glass window!
We're not having the topsoil delivered till the spring, then the grass seed will be put down.

 I turned from the window & took this photo of the room with the doors closed.
Oh I can't wait to have all that beautiful glass put in under the overhang on the left.

 The glass & chrome railings have been measured & we're awaiting for that quote, same company that's doing my bathroom shower wall.

    Scary height! This is the view from the 2nd story, looking down to the basement. You can see the garage door & the foyer opening.
Look up -- Look way up & I'll call Rusty! Friendly Giant days & only those of my age will get that saying. lol
The elevator did not get done when the guys where here as the opening was not made to spec...
No worries though, remember,  I got a new porch installed! lol
Everything for a reason.

 The guest wing has the floor installed in the hallway & is waiting for paint.

 The guestroom had its first guests this Thanksgiving weekend. Now it too has become a holding area for quilts & furniture.

 The guest bathroom has had the floor installed & it too awaits for the paint to be done & the toilet & vanity installed.

                               The guestroom also got the sliding closet doors installed!

 These are the stairs that will be refinished in the New Year & we're going to paint the railings in a light, probably cloud white colour.

 The outside has had the stone done, just the top capping is needed & the front stairs to be installed.
I totally forgot to show you the side stairs off the laundry room, next post for sure!

 It is the blue sky & blue water I just love! The blue Johnny on the Spot & blue bin will find own place soon. lol
 Autumn in New Brunswick is breath taking!

 This has been a very busy spring, summer, fall, for all the trades involved. It so close to my time to come home to the Hardwicke House. Three more weeks! I can't wait....

 Oh yes, the wee potting shed also got a bit of a face life with a new screen door from the Carroll cottage. The door that was on my laundry area before the construction, after taking it off to add the addition the finger joints busted apart. Lucky for us & sheer luck, the front door to the cottage has a full, insulated,  grid glass door now & the side door has a new full glass screen door!

 I took this photo to show you the scale of the wee potting shed next to a Ford Escape.
Look at the beautiful Autumn coloured trees & that blue sky!

                                   This is the view from our lane, if you look to the right...

                                             This is the view out the lane, if you look left.
Oh country road, take me home, to the place I belong....

Thank you for spending your time with me. I hope your excited as I am with all the changes to the Hardwicke House, our journey together is nearly over with this chapter & it's a good thing because---
Winter Is Coming!!!!

Thought for me this week~~~~~~~~~~

The secret of patience is doing something else in the meantime.

Have a great week everyone & the finish line is getting closer. I hope your getting everything done that you have started! Sometimes I feel I'm so far behind...I'm first! lol


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  1. Thanks for the tour! Looks like things are coming along nicely and it's going to be an absolutely beautiful forever house :) :)