Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween Finds & Tremclad Paint

It is now the last of October this week, wow that sure was a fast month!
I can still remember Bill arriving on October 2nd, then the following week the kids for Thanksgiving.
Now everyone is getting ready for Halloween.

Nicole & I were shopping in the Winners, when I spied these beauties!

 Two black & white skeleton plates & they were the perfect size for a breakfast plate!

 I found them to be elegantly creepy & perfect to have on display for Halloween decorating!

 And they were of good quality too, I love my England dishes. I always feel that there was a high standard when they were made. Every thing is now made off shore, at a cheaper price, leaving a larger bottom line for the owners.

Tremclad Paint~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I stopped by the Hardwicke House to pick up this latern that once hung at the front of the house, before the renovation.

 It was only hung for two years & the corrosion was extensive at the bottom & back.
Living next to salt water has its down fall, when it come to longevity on metal items.
I took a butter knife to all the loose rust & gave it a scrub with the brites green pad.
  Then a good wipe with a rag to get the dust off it. Two years & look at the damage!

 I really liked this lantern & wanted it for the side laundry porch. The porch has an over hang so it will remain protected from the icy water sprays.

 Paper was placed on top of the glass & two coats of Tremclad paint were painted on the latern, with 24 hours drying time, between coats.
It looks so much better now!

The Cat Came Back!

 The cat is still coming around, everyday, twice a day. It is looking so much better than it did nearly 2 weeks ago. I'm looking into making it a feral cat house, for the porch here at the cottage, then to moved, to Hardwicke to be placed on the porch there.
The down side of having a feral cat is watching nearly catch to eat the blue jays, whilst they feed at the feeder.
I told Bill, that my job now is to make the cat too big & full to want to eat the birds at the bird feeder.

Rug Hooking~~~~~~~~~~~

This week I started hooking a wee Christmas rabbit. I didn't know if I wanted him white or brown & was told by Marg, my fellow rug hooker that taught me back in 2011, "That it's a Christmas rabbit & winter rabbits are white." Well after hearing that.. it only made sense to have a Christmas rabbit white!
I'm using primitive wool strips, about 1/4" thick & it's filling in fast! The NOEL is going to be red.
The background is still in the works but I'm visualizing snow swirls in shades of light blues.

Thank you for stopping by & have a wonderful week!

Thought for this week-

'We are what we pretend to be."  ~ Kurt Vonnegut  
'Fake it 'til you make it.'

I laughed so hard when I heard it for the first time, by my girlfriend, Mary Beth say the latter. lol

I'm hoping for a productive week, see you at the end of it!

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