Monday, September 5, 2016

September Slips In So Fast!

September slipped in so fast & is keeping its momentum...

 I did manage to get my wee calendar for September done!
I used all batiks in this small calendar quilt.

I started Christmas sewing!

 I made this Laurel Burch fabric, quilt top, for the granddaughter Madison. She & her Dad Donny, will be joining us for Christmas this year.

The inside circles are all cats & dogs, hence the fabric collection called Felines & Canines!
I had to do so much get those circles - just right!
I'll but a colourful flannel backing to it, to keep her cozy this winter. ;-)


The roses in the garden have had a momentum of their own!

 The bush has tripled in size this year, I think it's enjoying me being back at the cottage. lol

                                               This is now the second round of rose buds!

                                       Even the very large wild rose bush is blooming again!

             But this, small original rose bush from me arriving here in 2009 is spectacular this year!

    And all the new shoots are turning a rich burgundy colour, adding even more interest to it.

 Now For The House Momentum!! 

 As I drive up to it these days, it appears so surreal! The picture that I've been staring at has come to life!! On Tuesday, Bill & I will meet with the asphalt company, to get our quote to asphalt the front, to the black crushed stone.
I don't want that muck & sand in this beautiful house!

 You can see the black crushed stone better in this photo, it's been quoted at $3.50 a sq ft. ...oh no $$$$ again!

 The top mezzanine window has the drywall still nailed to it from the inside. The mud & tape has begun in many of the rooms. I'm now picking the interior colours... decisions, decisions!

                  The garage doors are gorgeous, I can't wait to use the garage this winter!

 The electrical & new plumbing is being dug at the side of the house. See my wee porch for clothes hanging? My laundry room is just inside that door!

 The back of the house, all faces the Miramichi Bay & the windows are huge, allowing in plenty of natural light & a breathtaking view!

            The sunporch now is secured with its new posts & was 4" too it's just right!

 The landscaping is going to take place this week sometime. The yard will be leveled out & next spring the new topsoil & grass seed will be added.

 Even the old chimney is being capped with new metal material, the same colour as the steel roof.

Diesel, the neighbours dog has come for a visit to the yard. I think he's missing his Milk Bone treats this year! lol The anniversary garden did very well & I look forward to seeing it come to life next year. All that time labouring paper mulch & topped by black mulch, really paid off. With the water being turned off for so long, the garden was neglected by still thrived because of the TLC from the year before...or that's what I like to think is true! lol

Sorry for the lag in the posts. Bill & youngest son, Nick have been here & it's been very busy.
Yesterday we spent our time in the Hardwicke basement , moving everything in storage away from all exterior walls. Then covering the shelves & boxes with a heavy  plastic. The exterior walls are being sprayed with week with insulation foam. It's going to be a cozy winter here in this newly renovated house! The feel in the house is really coming together & I'll show you more once the mud & tape has a coat of primer on it.
Today it's off to Moncton to take Nick to the airport as he heads to Houston Texas, for work on an elevator. This elevator life...sure has its - ups & downs! lol

Thanks for stopping in & do come back as we'll be going inside the house next!

Life is a present...a wonderful gift indeed!


  1. Looks absolutely stunning Mom. Can't wait to see how the inside finishes up.
    Happy birthday. I love you
    Love Donny

  2. Love the Laurel Birch quilt ! The colours are fantastic!