Saturday, September 10, 2016

Basement & Boots...

We're having a warm humid snap of weather right now but when I was visiting the Hardwicke House, I could not help but feel what I've been missing...the wind! And it was windy at the shore front today!

 It was so windy, the camera would not stay still, I was trying to capture the white caps on the waves.
It felt good to have the fresh breeze whipping around, it's so humid inland, I'm missing the shore.
Soon, I'll be going back to the house, just another 4 weeks. I'll be home for Thanksgiving, fingers crossed!!

 The tradesman were still working after 6pm, on a Friday too! They were finishing the elevator shaft.
I love the size of the front foyer & as you can see...there's many doors coming off of it!
From this view, you can see the frosted front entry, the powder room, basement door, the large kitchen opening,& coming around the corner will be my sewing room, the black hole opening on the right is a closet, that goes down a long hallway.  On the other side of the hall is the stair case, another coset, the elevator, & the door to the garage!! Many many openings & doors...10, just of that foyer!

 So many decisions to make & I start 2nd guessing myself. So off to the house I go with the stairs stain samples, to view again.
 I'm going with the light oak coloured one. The rest of the floors between the stairway is black slate with dark grey grout. I find the lightness refreshing & more visible upon the coming's & going's on the stair treads. There will be a carpet installed down the middle of the stairs, after we have moved everything in. Now I'm thinking the mid tone to keep with the brick tones...
And I wonder why I'm Histamine Intolerant now!!!

 The same wood colour samples on the old great room floor. That floor too, will have a sanding & stain once we're in. It really has taken a beating over the years & now the renovation. I'll be happy to see the orange,  colour hue, disappear.

 I love the look of the chimney wall in the kitchen. This room is between the great room & the stairs in the foyer. The tile sample, leaning on the brick, will be the new ceramic, kitchen floor.

 I'm standing in the foyer, looking through the elevator shaft to its opening in the garage.
Bill took me to Moncton on my birthday last Wednesday. We went to the Home Depot for 4 new one piece toilets & 2 hot water heaters. Happy Birthday to me! It was a fun whirl-wind day, I had to change out of my sandals & into my sneakers to keep up with Bill!

 I'm now down to the last week for choosing ALL the paint colours, for all the new rooms!

 Decisions, decions...

 The colour will be very faint hue, as the walls, ceilings & angles will be pained  the same.

Basement Insulation

 The walls have all been treated with a foam insulation with a fire retardant, bonus!

The new furnace vent work on the new reno is now awaiting to be joining the old side of the house.
Can you see it peaking through the hole that Francis drilled out? Oh what a cozy winter this year!

This water is a concern to me as I don't think it's from the insulation drying!?!

We had rain the other day & this is new water pooling. Fingers crossed again!

 Surrender is Futile...this so reminds me of the Borg on Star Trek Next Generation. lol
There will be no shortage of power as this 400 amp gets tamed into its box!

Interesting Product....

For those that have rubber boots, this is an interesting product! When I purchased my Hunter boots last year, the sales person told me it would be a wise investment to get the cleaner for those boots.
I've never paid so much for rubber boots but these were the same brand of boots endorsed by Queen Elizabeth, so they must be the best! And they have not let me down! With all the comfortable hours of wear & tear in the wet weather & garden, the boots have shown their wear.

 This is one boot wiped with the Hunter boot cleaner & the other untouched!
Oh... & Hunter boots is & has not sponsored this endorsement! lol

 Hmmm, if it worked so well on renewing my boots... I tried the cleaner on Bill's well loved Mucks & it worked just as well!

Our boots all cleaned & ready for the garden & outdoor work! The Hunter boot cleaner is an excellent product, even if you don't have the boots but your boots are rubber & need a cleaning!

Christmas Sewing

When Bill & I were in Moncton this week on my birthday whirl wind, we shopped at Costco & I have not been in for awhile but have been a member since 1992, in London ON & it is still the same at this time of year.
I laughed out loud & said to Bill that it has not changed...Halloween on one isle & Christmas on the other! With that jolt of Christmas coming, I thought I'd better step up my sewing if I want to get my Christmas projects done!

Sew...this weekend is going to be my retreat weekend of sewing the Christmas quilt called Reindeer Prance Quilt by Bayou Patch Designs. It's a kit I was lucky enough to have purchased it, as the fabric collection matched the Jim Shore, Christmas stockings I made last year. The fabric is from the Stonehenge - Deborah Edwards of Northcott collection & is very hard to find now. It was the last kit on the shelf!! Now to bring it to life!

This is what I've done so far. The fourth border is now on & the fifth border has log cabins around it.
Today I've going to cut & sew those 42 log cabin squares, well really more as I'm chain piecing & would notice another dozen going through. It's a good way to use up the scraps left over too!
The block finishes at 6 1/2" so it will be a very effective 5th border. Then three more will need to be added for a total of 8 borders! The finished quilt will measure 78" x 96'', a twin size quilt or a good sized, cuddle quilt on the couch.
Call me traditional...I just love the colour red at Christmas!

Funny Fond Pillow...

                                                 Oh how I miss my Boris Loree!!

I saw this pillow while on the website & thought how true! That wee dog, the wee little man, was my companion & therapist for sure.
But what a fun pillow someone has designed, I just love it!
As the saying goes, "Better to have loved & lost, than to have never have loved at all." I don't know who said it but they too must have had a aching  heart & tried to think positive on the pain.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. It will be a month before I move into the new house & I've so many decisions to make on this last stretch with the colour on the walls. So glad the flooring is done...if the black slate flooring can be found now...

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