Monday, March 7, 2016

Hooked On Rug Hooking

Thank you to everyone that helped me with all your condolences through this hard time for me. Life is for the living & it's still a wonderful life with many wonderful memories. Thank you. XO

I've been busy this week with some rug hooking. It is my relaxing mode that has helped with the loss of my beloved dog. Doing this rug made me thing of grandpuppy Diesel, he's a Siberian Husky & has quite the personality too! lol  

This piece is called On The Land by Lise Merchant & its finished size will be 17" x 34".
 I was on ebay & saw this pattern, I've wanted to do it for a while now as a wallhanging, in fabric.
Out came my Briggs & Little yarns & the process of outlining began.

 It wasn't long before I needed to add colour to it! lol

 The only colour that I didn't have a a purple/mauve colour with me. I know I have it at home in New Brunswick as I've been purchasing just those colours to do a violet rug. So this weekend Nicholas & I went on the search in London ON to find 100% wool, in purple hues. To my surprise it was hard to find in my area. We were at Walmart & Mary Maxim, not at either! The salesperson at Mary Maxim said it is not often used with knitters/crocheting. The best was a  42% wool, 51% acrylic, 7% nylon, so I purchased 2 skeins & my eyes widen at the cost of the 2 skeins, that were  purchased. I could purchase 5 skeins of my Briggs & Little 100% wool skeins! I used one thread of wool & one of the new purchased yarn. It's coming together, a very colourful project that I'm enjoying hooking.

Painting Project...Done!

 Years back, this garden door was an anniversary gift to me from Bill. It was stored at the shop, then then next anniversary, he installed it for me. For over a decade it has been an oak door & last year I wanted to paint it & never did. This year I finally finished it with the help of my sons Don & Nick. Don took it down, Nick helped with the prep work & the reinstall of it, with the hanging & a new knob was finally installed. Our granddaughter Samantha, use to hang on to the front & back handles & swing back & forth...the handle was bent & not usable & was left for years wiggling away.

 I like the white door, it has such a flow with the white trim & the bi-fold doors compliment the door.
Why do I procrastinate so much! lol It's a joy to go into the parlour or dining room with the 'new door'.

Pleasant Surprise!

Samantha, the door swinging granddaughter, did this drawing & sent it to her 'Gramps'.
It's a pencil drawing of my old race car, a  2000 Mustang convertible, that was super charged. A fun time in my life & we would take Samantha drag racing with us on the weekends. She too loves Mustangs...wonder were that came from?!! lol

Thank you for visiting, we're going to be spring ahead this weekend. Yes spring is fast approaching!!

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  1. Hi Cynthia, you door looks very nice and so does your rug wall hanging. Have you thought of dying your own yarn for the color that you need for the rug? I dyed some yarn to whip my rug as i could't find the shade i was looking for.

    I'm glad that you're adjusting to life without little man Boris. I'm sure the cats misses him too.

    Spring is just around the corner.