Monday, March 21, 2016

Hooked On Rug Hooking

I've been enjoying the process of rug hooking & have had my hands busy with that!

 I finished the On The Land rug & the sky kept looking oh so familiar to me...

                    These two compliment each other so well, they have to remain a set now! lol

 Yes! I remember working the large, sport weight,  of Red Heart yarn into large granny squares & then joining them together for this afghan! Years, heck decades ago, Bill & I were in the elevator distribution business & in the beginning of those days, we could not afford to hire a transport truck to do a run of elevators from the factory, in Grandview Missouri, USA to London On, we would do a 14 hour drive, each way, with our truck & a trailer, to pick the shipment up ourselves.
We did that for years & always on a weekend, because we could not miss any work time from our own business. Wow, what we did to survive & thrive. And the adventures we had along the way.  lol
Those that know me, know I don't sit-stay well & I would be busy with hours of crocheting, as we drove down to the states & back to Canada, all in a weekend. This was one of many afghans that I made during that time in the late 80's, early 90's, the one I designed for me.
We did finally have transport trucks do the work but it was different in the beginning, establishing our business. I even learnt how to become my own broker, clearing the international shipments from the USA & England. Oh what we do when we have to! lol
It all seems like another world away from my daily living now &  I don't miss the corporate world.

Meandering Done!

 The meandering is now done & I'll be adding the appliqued leaves to quilt now!

 The embroidered gnomes & fairies really popped, when the meandering was done.

 I'm hoping that the muslin blocks won't be as noticeable,  when the leaves are added on.

 Adding to tree top leaves made a difference & helped fill in the top.

 This little fellow,  on the leaf, is still one of my favourites. :-)

 The meandering has given the quilt so much texture. I'm hoping the leaves go on easily, as I edge stitch them onto the meandering.

 Next post will show the leaves on!

 Rexton has been very lively, with the birds singing loudly, she wants to pounce them!

 Tommy is curled up on the afghan, Mr. Boots has adjusted beautifully to our household, what a handsome cat in his over jacket! lol And Rexton on 'the look' for anything to play with or attack &
that usually means poor Mr. Boots. lol

 I made a new rug last week. A 'cat mat' as these guys love being on the wool mats, I thought it would be good to have, to sit in bay windows or on chairs & sofa's, to help keep their fur off me & the guests that 'have a seat'. lol
 Rexton has already claimed this one. I had this pattern from a Rugg Hooking magazine a few years back & have finally got around to doing it. I changed out the pattern & never had the magazine with me to know what colour was used. So I played with it & extended the size of it too, by adding a vine & dots to it.
The cat mat turned out to be colourful & happy looking. Rexton enjoys it & I enjoyed working up some of my Briggs & Little yarn. The crocheted outer edge works up so fast, I'm glad I went to the Hook-In in Riverview NB to learn this technique. And look forward to attending this year!  The rug just needs a good pressing now & it's done!

This weekend my neighbour Pat & I went to a 'Tat-In' to learn the lace making art of 'tatting'.
I really enjoyed it & made a circle with picots in it! I have a lot of practice to do to really know what I'm doing & this group only meets once a month. So onto YouTube I went & Ester is a very good teacher for beginners. I was taught to tat on a needle & Ester does it with a shuttle. I'm going to give that a try...just as soon I purchase a few tatting supplies.

Spring today was cool with snow, then hail, then snow, then sun & now it's looking like spring again.
However a storm front will be going through SW ON later this week, so maybe, the end of March will go out 'like a lamb' as it came in like a lion.

Have a great 'spring' week & thank you for stopping by for a visit.
Wishing you a very blessed Easter, spring is always a new beginning.

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  1. Wow, Cynthia, you are unstoppable and I don't think anyone could ever keep up with you. Your rugs and quilt are just beautiful. Lucky Rexton to have her own specially made rug to lay on.

    We're having a major snow storm and all schools were closed today in Fredericton. Doesn't look like Spring at all here.

    I saw a few tatting demonstrations when I went to N.S. a few years ago. They were making beautiful lace.

    Take care,