Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cone Head Rexton

Rexton had her one week appointment after her spay & she's to wear the cone around her head for another week. The vet, Dr. Rupi, said "All looks very good." She's getting use to her face halo. lol

            These two are hilarious to watch throughout the day. They surely make mine!~lol

Now Tommy's day is on his own...

                               Sleeping in a small wicker basket that holds my rug hooking yarns.
                                                             Wool is warm & cozy! lol

He's such a handsome olde boy. Years ago a fight with something with claws took his eye sight. He turns 16 this summer & stays close to home. Rexton will never have that opportunity of going outside. Four years ago a coyote or fox nearly killed Tommy, he's such a 'touch olde bird'. lol

If Tommy's not in the bay window bird watching, he's at the front window looking for movement.
The bronze bunny came from Newfoundland & I called her Jinny because I was going to go on the bus tour to USA to Jinny Beyer's studio but Used that money towards this bronze piece. It really talked to me & I've never regretted getting it!

More shenanigans from Rexton...

She just laid outside the basket with her front legs stretched out, weird kitty.

                                                           Then sat up & pondered?

This is so funny to watch! She licks Boris' head but can't reach it because of her cone. So she licks her cone & Boris lets her! lol

                                                 She's so happy when she finds her toes!

                  Look at this lazy girl, she is stretched out & I realize just how long she is getting.
                     Next week the cat tower can finally go upright, it takes a lot of floor space.

Boris is so tolerate with  Rexton, he shares his basket & blankets. I've added Rexton's yellow baby blanket to the mix & he likes it!
                                                                   Rexton hugs her blankie
                                              Her head is so small compared to her limbs. lol

Now for the sewing this week...

 The border is on the homespun table cloth & whilst I was in Florida I found this fantastic Wilmington duck fabric for $3.00 a yard!!

I hope you like it Mitchell as it's going to be a backing on one of your quilts, my Duck Unlimited supporter! XO

                                                                  Fantastic fabric find!!!

Another table runner.
This is the backing of the runner. I purchased this fabric in northern New Brunswick at one of my favourite shops near Loise Settlement. Thank you for introducing me to this shop Ursula!

It's a different scene then the roman shades I made last year however together it looks OK.
I just love the look of toile fabric. I once designed my grandson Emerson's nursery with the 10 yards of toile I hauled home from England & complemented it with a black & white country check.

This Christmas Paulette gave me a bundle of black & white fat 1/4's. Voila,  some of those fabrics!  Thank you Paulette. :)                                       
Here's the pattern side, I saw cousin Ann's Conneting Threads kit & love it. Thank you for the pattern Ann! I know you said it was easy...

Not when you use chevron fabric & want it all going in the same direction! Grrr lots of unsewing!

                                                I'm pleased & happy that it's done now!
                                       And it complements the floor tiles too! I have always loved the colours (black/white are not really colours) & use to wear black a lot. My husband once told me that I could buy anything in clothes so long as it was not black. He said "I could die tomorrow & no one would know your mourning!" I still use those 'colours' as my go to but I've added colour over the years.
I even prefer my pets black & white too! I've had three Dalmatians & now a Boston Terrier, yes black & white. I heard the song Ebony & Ivory the other day & it too made me smile! :)

This is my favourite door stop! It's a century piece that my girlfriend Sandy from the Red Door Shoppe antique store.  www.reddoorantiques.ca  She found this fellow on one her private shopping excursions. Thank you for making my day Sandy. I love him! he looks like my little man Boris Loree!

Next week is the week of drapery. I'm doing a lot of procrastination...however i do better under pressure! Bill arrives home from China next week & I will have the drapes done by then.

With so much snow & cold -  here is a warm saying that made me smile.

Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the flowers,
Kind deeds are the fruits.

Thank you for the visit & have a great week!


  1. Hi Cynthia, we weathered the storm and everything is back to normal and my husband is snowplowing with his big tractor and his 8 foot plow. The big wind has died down so all is well.

    Poor Rexton, it must be so annoying for her to have that cone around her neck. I'm glad it's coming off next week.

    One eye Tommy is a tough old cat, poor thing but he seems happy and spoiled.

    You amaze me on how many quilts you produce. I agree with you, that duck fabric is a great find. We support Ducks Unlimited too. They are using some of our land to make habitat for the ducks.

    I love that table runner with bold black and white fabric and it looks very classy.

    I have to tell you that I love black too. As a matter of fact, I have a lot of black outfits.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new draperies. You never stop and always get so much accomplished.

    Thanks for your nice comment. I so appreciate you.

  2. Love the Black & White table runner - well worth all the reverse sewing. Sometimes I think those items we struggle with we appreciate more. Hope poor Rexton loses the cone soon!