Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Begins...With More Snow

It's been snowing all day here in SW Ontario & then it will move on to the east coast  & I know that they've had their share of snow! With more is on the way.

I placed Wiarton Willie in the front door wreath & I think he looks a little smug this year.
I've placed him out in a wreath since 2003 & have had him since 2002.
The eldest son had an idea to marry a woman he met in May on the date February 2 2002. He declared that he would never forget his anniversary 02-02-02. The marriage lasted nearly 5 years & I have a beautiful granddaughter from them. This wee Wiarton Willie was an idea that I had for the wedding & one plastic box with the rodent was placed on every table to be admired & were auctioned off to increase the $$$'s for their life together. They were each numbered as they were a limited addition from the Beanie Babies.

                                        I'm hoping for 6 weeks till spring but it looks hopeless today...

Sewing Class...

I taught Bev & Deb how to make a quilt as you go French Braid Runner.

 My students working on their fabrics. 

 I'm always watching Deb as she's left handed & successfully works with right handed tools.
She can use either hand & that sure comes in handy when cutting with a rotary knife.

                            The day sure went fast, I arrived just before 10am & left at 4pm.

                    These were my choices left from the Santa's Trip Around the World.

                                            Deb had some beautiful Christmas gilded fabric.

                               Deb chose the male & female cardinals as her 8" center block.

                                   These are the 3 center blocks. Bev got caught up by lunch.

                                      Bev used the Thimbleberry Christmas postcard fabric.

                                     Here are our finished runners, I'd stitched on my binding.
                                                     Close up showing the centers.

                   A photo true of a 'workshop'. lol Thank you Gary for taking our picture.

Rexton Report...

 I put up the cat tower for the wee kitten & she jumped on it before I had it straight!

                     She sure has missed her perch. I placed it by the chair so she can vault onto it.

                Tomorrow the cone should be removed, her 2 weeks after surgery are up.

You know it's cold when...

                                                                   Rexton & Boris
                                                                      Spoon Together
                                                            In front of the fireplace!
                                                                This is a very first!

 Tommy wants nothing to do with those two & still loves my rug hooking wool for his warmth.

A bit of sewing...
 I made 4 shoulder burp pads from left over camo, they are very handy & easy to wash/dry.  This baby's mom & dad & grandparents are hunters. I like the animal shapes within the fabric design & the softness of the flannel.

Vintage Tin...
                                             One more large block has been embroidered!

 Boris reminds me of a kid singing...
Snow, snow, go away, little dogie wants to play! The snow is up to his bare belly again!

I may be destuffing that rodent named Wiarton Willie!
Either way spring is only 6 weeks  away. The clocks will be springing forward next month too. With days getting longer & the sun shining longer, it really does life ones spirit!
Bring it on!!

Whilst hunting down information on planting seeds I came across a wonderful word 'stratification' for seeds. It means they require cold treatment. That's me I can't live without seasons, winter included & I glad that only 1 of the 4 seasons have snow. lol  And it's snowing here but not the depth of snow that's in New Brunswick & they're getting this snow tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!

"You will live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted."
                                                                                                                         Ruth Renkl


  1. It's snowing and you're sewing, never an idle moment for you. Those table runners are beautiful. They all did a great job.
    I love the cardinal fabric the best.

    Yes we're getting that snow and we're running out of place to put it.

    We went to Oromocto this morning for breakfast and the snow banks were so high that we couldn't see the restaurant , only the sign by the road. If we didn't knew the area, we wouldn't have known there was a restaurant and pub there.

    I'm so ready for Spring and it will be upon us sooner than we think. Time seems to fly by so fast but in the mean time, the snow and the cold is a lot to take on a daily basis.

    Thanks for the update on Rexton. They look like the best of buddies all spooned up by the fireplace.

    Stay warm, hugs,

  2. Wow you quilting girls !! Lovely table runners indeed! I'm looking forward to our annual quilt retreat in March - where we go it always snow - there's nothing more cozy than quilting and looking out the window watching the snow fall. You have such cute pets - my cat also likes to come around and plant herself on whatever I'm working on perhaps it's her way of helping - have a good day!

  3. I see you are keeping busy. i have had about enough of this winter, the warm weather can't come soon enough for me, I missed all last summer, the fall & the winter has seen me laying on the couch knitting socks, I lost count of how many pair i did so far,
    can't wait to get back to hooking, I have every thing at the ready, just need to get rid of this vac pump so I can move around freely....see you soon

  4. Looks like you three had fun on your quilting day - lovely table runners. So how do you get Rexton to jump to the top of the cat tower. I've had mine for years and neither of my kitties have ever gone to the top!