Saturday, January 10, 2015

And Sew This Is January :)

Oh baby it's cold outside! And it's too cold to snow...for now.

Sugar withdrawal has not been as bad as I had expected. I'm getting creative with making veggie soups too. Easter is going to be the hard one with all the temptations everywhere. But again, one day at a time is working for me.

My next-door neighbour, Pete has been a God sent to me, he snowblows out my laneway for me & then does our streets sidewalk. I know our postal people are thankful for his efforts of making winter a little more accessible.

                                     It's so cold & windy that even the Mrs. Cardinal is having a bad hair day!

                                             And yes she has something to say about it! lol

                               She is beautiful but Mr. Cardinal wears the colour in that family!

Sad news...
Carmel Bernetta Jagoe

A fellow rug hooker &quilter passed away recently & that was a shock to me. Yes she was 80 years young but so full of a passion for life.
I will also remember her for her laughter. RIP my friend.

 I finished my Christmas Present from Paulette, for such a small piece there sure where a lot of stitches! lol

                                                        How sweet is this little runner?!
 It was suppose to be a pin cushion but for now I have an abundance of them, so I repurposed it so now I can admire it as it's new life of a mini runner.
Thank you Paulette, I love primitive styling & you hit it on the head with this wee kit.

 You know it's cold when... these two snuggle up together in front of the fireplace!

                      Old Tom has a patience for this young kitten, some days more than others.

                                       But Boris...well that's a dog of the same colour! lol

 I played this week with the grapevine wreath I made in the fall & added pinecones to it. The florist wire holds them in place as I plan on using it outside, once I've filled it with more 'found nature'.
A good spray of varnish & it should be good to go next fall for outside decorating.

 I also finished a table runner, all hand sewn with perle cotton thread. I'm finishing what I started with many projects in my UFO piles. The primitive styling is so cozy on these cold winter days.
 This is the back of the runner. On runners of wool there's no batting but I think I should have inter lined it with flannel. Time will tell.

My heart goes out to Bill this weekend. Bless him, he thought the second coat would be done then the roman shade, light covers, all the things to make the back hall right again. Wrong!! The second coat of paint was not the same colour mix as the first pail...the difference is noticeable. He's off to Canadian Tire to get a third gallon of Serene colour paint & the back hall & staircase will have a 'third coat' applied. Just when you think your getting ahead...

This month has/is so cold & the weather network said it will finish with below temps too!
I'm going to sew away this month & of course shovel snow inbetween!

Thank you for stopping by & stay warm & healthy as those of us in the cold are being preserved!


  1. So sorry to hear about your good friend Carmel. I remember her from a previous post and thought that she was a very fun lady from the way she was laughing when Boris was all over her and she was holding that cup for dear life. I'm sure she will be missed by her close friends and family.

    I've had Cardinals at my feeder too especially when it's very cold. I went to get my camera and by the time I got to the window, they flew away.
    As long as they survive the cold winter, I'll be happy.

    Cute runner... your pine cone wreath is starting to shape up. Last year, I picked a big bag of gorgeous pinecones at Value Village. I mow have a big basket full of fat pinecones that I use for Christmas decorations.

    Sorry about the paint not matching with the first can. How did that happened? I'm sure Bill will have that rectified pronto.

    Have a great weekend Cynthia. Just knowing we are almost half way through January and that the days are getting longer already makes me happy.

    Keep on sewing because you are just awesome at it.

    1. Oops, it should read "I now have a big basket full....."

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    You're so right - baby it's cold outside! Once again this year I called into work the first week for a personal snow day. I don't do -25 plus snow squalls anymore! Lucky for you and the animals you have those lovely fireplaces! Your mini mats look lovely, as does the wreath. Is it all "found" nature?